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Living In A Germ Infested World


With all the unhealthy crap going on in the world today; germs, bacteria, and viruses, It’s a wonder that half the world’s population is still intact. On a daily basis we have to worry about our health and the safety of our families health. Now in our society today, mobile devices are of grave concern just for the how to keep your cell phone bacteria freesimple fact that we have to handle them on a daily basis. Just like other items that we continually handle everyday; such as keys, jewelry, dollars, coins, credit cards, etc;

Most people don’t realize that our cell phones and the other items I mentioned picks up all types of viruses, bacteria and other germs. Finding a good sanitizing, bacteria & virus cell phone cleaner is Not easy! There are so many on the market, an interested person will spend hours ‘Researching,’ ‘Price Comparing’ and ‘Reading Reviews.’ So I’ve done the leg work for you.

Along with reviews from ‘verified purchasers,’ I’ve posted Five of the top, most efficient cell phone sanitizers I could find. These amazing disinfectant germ killing devices, will take care of the problems we face in regards to keeping our cell phones germ-free.




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Full Disclosure

Please note: Amazon has extended its ‘items return’ time during this holiday season  from Oct 1, 2020 to Jan 31, 2021

 Cell Phone Sanitizers


LED Storage Bag, LED Travel Bag,USB Rechargeable Portable Non-trace Folding Box for Electronic Products,Toiletries,Baby Items,Pet Toys,Keys(Black)

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Cell Phone Cleaner Compatible with Wireless Charging, Stylish Cleaning Device for Smartphone, Wireless Charging Station Home and Office, Large Capacity, White

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Cell Phone Sanitizer UV Lights Portable Phone Soap Sterilizer Box, Aromatherapy Function Disinfector Smart Phone Cleaner for iPhone Android Mobile Phone Toothbrush Keys.

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UV Phone Sanitizer, Portable UV Sterilizer, UV Cell Phone Sanitizer by FoneFresh, UVC Light Sanitizer for Android & iOS & Wireless Charger.

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