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I’m Ronald J. Kennedy from Chicago, IL and I’ve been living here in the ‘windy city’ all my life.

Late wife Cathy and I at graduation dinner in May, 2000

Retired Feb 5, 2016 and a widower. (wife Cathy died July 10, 2015). I earned my associates degree at Malcolm X college in May 2000.

My main interest then was to become a funeral director/embalmer.

I also studied sociology, social psychology and hearing disabilities among children & adults.

After college, I took on a position with the Chicago Area Autopsy Service as a pathologist assistant, determining causes of death, including HIV, Hepatitis C and ‘Mad Cow’ disease.

Celebrating at graduation ceremony with one of my daughters.

In regards to hearing disabilities in general, it’s reported that 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, and 32 million of these are children.

Infants born with a hearing impairment or completely deaf is every parent’s nightmare!

This is why I became very interested in hearing disabilities in America, especially children. I wanted to bring this data to the forefront by making people aware of these statistics.

My stepdad, co-workers and other family members also experienced hearing loss. I felt bad that my mom didn’t respond to my dad’s situation, by having his ears checked sooner.

I’ve known people whose children were born deaf, but with one parent having normal hearing.

Through education, parents can now be better equipped to handle these types of crises. New material for kids and special training has now been developed for the hearing impaired.

Over the years, I realized this is a growing problem around the globe! It makes me feel sad when a young child’s hearing makes him or her oblivious to the world around them.

Now through today’s technology and specialty products offered, there’s some type of hope for babies & toddlers. But now it’s this ‘new thing’ currently going on in the world related to health issues. Hopefully it doesn’t affect toddlers.

Also, it makes me feel good that I can acknowledge people into becoming more aware of the dangers of airborne microorganisms, harmful pathogens, and other germ-filled bacteria which seems to have taken over the world.




Ronald Kennedy