Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?- Look Here For Answers

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May 15, 2022
Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Ronald Kennedy, Author

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?
Woman Checking Text Messages On Her Way Home.

Having All Your Personal Items Free of Germs & Bacteria Would Be an Amazing Thing!


The Conversation 

My friend passed away January 2020. We used to have conversations about our cells and best way to sanitize phone. With so many germs and viruses in the world today, our phones need constant cleaning. 

He sold life insurance policies and I worked in the medical field, so the subject of personal health, bacteria, and the end of this virus crises came up naturally.

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

        Friend and I In Usual Chat

We also touched on the subject of how cameras on some phones are better than others, the best prices offered, availability in variety of colors, etc; and how to seek out & capitalize on better mobile phone deals.

Our conversation also was constantly interrupted by the ringing of our cells. My friend had clients calling in about his insurance business. I also had calls coming in too. (Ladies just wanna chat.) lol.

Is This You and Your Friends?

Do you ever find yourself out with friends and you want to get everyone into the picture, but find yourself shorthanded?

You need someone to take a picture of you and your friends. If the selfie shot doesn’t work, you find yourself doing this:

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Good Friends Taking Group Photo.

“Uh excuse me, can you take a picture of us standing in front of the ocean?”

“We want to get a shot of the lion exhibit in the background. Do you mind taking our picture?”

“Excuse me, do you have a minute. We want a group shot of me and my friends in front of the restaurant. Just press here.”

Then you hand that person your cell phone, hoping they don’t drop it because cells are too expensive to replace unless you know how to repair cell phones.

(Here’s the problem, you don’t know where that person been, what they got or has been touching!) BIG Mistake!!

Guilty As Sin

I think we’re ALL guilty of this at one point or another. When infected folks handle our phones, then we have problems.


With so many of us practicing this bad habit, we leave ourselves & our phones open and susceptible to other airborne microorganisms and pathogens. Counter tops in public places are one of the worst areas to lay down our mobile devices.

And yet, sometime without thinking, we do it anyway. (I’m also guilty of this too)!

Also, If you’re in an area where there’s no facility available where you can wash your hands after someone else has handled your phone, then you’re up ‘shits creek.’

Always keep your clean hands! This will consciously remind you that your cell needs cleaning as well. 


       Worst Place Ever to Use Your Smart Phone

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Girl Exposing Cell Phone In The Worst Environment.

I know this sound strange to most folks and something we don’t think about, but one of the worst places to use your phone is in the bathroom, sitting on the can.

Studies have found serious pathogens on cell phones, which consist of StreptococcusMRSA and even E. coli come from this.  

You’d also be surprised to know that when toilets are flushed, they spread germs everywhere, which is how phones end up with fecal bacteria like E. (That’s why it’s so important where we lay our phones).

But don’t feel bad! I was guilty of this same thing (In the John sitting on the can, looking through Facebook, Twitter, etc;).

Regarding these cleaners, I will never recommend anything that consumers were Not satisfied with and didn’t give great reviews on.

Disinfectant Devices Sanitize More Than Just Phones

Just when we thought we were out of the woods from this covid shit, now new variants are coming in from other countries.

But according to news sources, the pandemic is getting better. (Slowly better, but not all the way gone.) Folks are still masking up!

 So as bacteria, viruses and germs continue to spread, our cells also are being contaminated. They’re not protected. In addition, our phones are not the only thing that collect harmful bacteria and germs.

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

What about paper money? Coins? Credit cards & license? Keys?  Jewelry?  Sunglasses? Fiber (Facemask)? Small baby items?  (Just to name a few).

All these items listed, which we use on a daily basis, can contract bacteria and viruses which in turn, can be very harmful to you and your family health.

“Never take yours or your family’s health for granted. There’s a lot of things in the air that we just don’t know about & how serious ‘those things’ are.”


Your Family Health Concerns Should Be Your #1 Focus

“Staying in good health for ourselves, family and the importance of disinfecting and constant sterilization is ‘key!”

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Family Always Keeping Health & Safety First.


Smartphone Mobile Protection

Regarding our Smartphones (and all other brand mobile devices), my friend and I Will NOT use anything that doesn’t provide our phones with all the mobile protection and virus fighters we need.

AlsoDon’t Forget the Benefits. We all need to take care of our phones just like we would our own personal health. DON’T NEGLECT EITHER! See what you can do for yourself.

Your Mobile Device 100% Safe

“We’ve spent many months researching throughout Amazon’s product data base to present you with the safest, best reviewed, most reasonably priced, disinfectant devices on the market.” How to crush germs on your cell phone is our main priority! 

Safe and Reliable: The sterilizer box has a light that removes up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes. Our sanitizer is CE/FCC/ROHS certified and completely safe.

The U V cleaner has been scientifically verified and tested by an independent third-party laboratory. All carry the manufacturer warranty. U V Lighting is NOT harmful to humans or your phone.


Here’s 5 Of the Top Cleaning Devices Listed Today!

My Personal Favorite! KOZIS Mastiff UV Sanitizer | Clinically Proven UV-C Light Disinfector | 360-Degree Inner Reflection | 99.99% Disinfection Rate | 2-USB Charging Ports

Check Out This Sanitizer’s Unique Design. Read Here Regarding Reviews, Product info, Specs & Pricing.

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

UV Light Sanitizer Box, UVC Sterilizer for Smartphone, Nail Art Make up Tools, Clinically Proven Kills 99.9% of Germs Viruses & Bacteria in 180 Seconds 8 UV-C LED 59S S2

Read Here For Amazing Reviews, More Product Details, Product Specs & Pricing

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?


This is nice! A PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger | Patented & Clinically Proven UV Light Disinfector | (Mint)

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Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?


NIELS RYBERG Premium UVC STERILIZER/UV SANITIZER for Mobile Phones and Household Items – SGS Certified

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Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?


Cell Phone Sanitizer Box, Senerport 2 in 1 Sterilizer Box, 360deg Cleaner with USB-A and Type-C Outputs Charging Ports, Cleaning for Eyeglass, Watch, Cash, PCMouse…

See more of these amazing features, details, reviews & pricing!

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?


Time To Reflect!

With disastrous times behind us, we can concentrate on starting the new year off ‘on the right foot’ by thinking & being ‘health conscious.’ Giving unique gifts on special days to those who mean a lot to you, gives your heart a ‘warm fuzzy feeling.’

“Folks would go crazy without their cell phone”

Lets Just Hope It Doesn’t Affect Our Mental Health Too Much!


First and foremost, Lets praise the person or individuals who invented the idea of the cell phone. Never in our wildest dreams, we’d have imagined to be able to walk around with a phone in our pocket or carried in a purse.

Always ready to answer. Oh how I wish we had this ‘marvelous Invention’ back in the 60s. (For that matter, even back further, perhaps the 50’s).

When I’m with my friends and we sit around and talk about worldly issues, besides pandemics and stuff going on in other countries, we would humor ourselves and would say things like; “I wish I’d had invented the cell phone. Imagine how much money I’d have today.” (We’d be billionaires by now)!

Of course, there’s money to be made in all types of professional fields, but to be an inventor, well; that is really on a whole different level.

Becoming A Famous Person Starts With An Idea


Not only was the inventor/designer of the cell phone a genius who made millions on its efforts (whoever he was), but look at all the many that came centuries before. As far as the cell phone inventor goes, it would be nice to at least, know his or the companies name.

If you think back to all the other great inventors, lets take one in particular; Thomas Edison. Unless you live under a rock, you should know he’s the man who first discovered electricity. Imagine if his actions never took place.

Just like Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telegraph and the first telephone. He was the first to be awarded a successful Patton. Over time, there were many more to follow. But just think without Edison & Bell, we’d have no phone or electricity.

But also, the most amazing part of the story about Graham Bell is that he discovered the transmission of sound through wire by complete accident.

Research has shown that Alexander was in one room working, while his assistant Watson was in another (There was great spacing between the two.) Bell was working on a project when he accidentally spilled over a can of some type of chemical on his lap. It was burning like hell!

It could’ve clearly been some acid. As he whence in pain, his head was on the table when he called out, “Watson! Watson! Help me!

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Graham Bell wasn’t even sure if his cries were heard. But amazingly, in the other room his assistant Watson heard his voice through this tiny speaker that was lying on the table. It was weak, barely audible but Watson heard Graham’s voice from the other room. This was a breakthrough!

As technology developed in the up coming years, our world has been through some incredible changes on how we communicate, with each other and across the globe.

When we handle and use are Smartphones today, we should think about this man. His original idea (again which he discovered by accident), is what now caused all the craziness folks go through keeping up with these portable devices, that folks carry in their pockets and purses on a daily basis.

We all want to be millionaires on incredible ideas that we’ve created. Just improving on an existing idea and becoming wealthy is a move everyone wants to make. We want to make that next big discovery. But I guess we all can’t be rich & famous.

The Biography Of Millionaires


Most people think that millionaires are very special people who are unique in their talents and gifts for making money. But this is simply not true.

In fact, oftentimes millionaires start out as plain everyday working folks just like you or me and they ‘discover’ the secrets that will be revealed to you. Over time, when they go public you’ll find out all you need to know.

In my own personal studies and research regarding self-made millionaires, I’ve observed the fact that each and every one of them believed – beyond a ‘shadow of a doubt – that he or she would become successful.

Can a Dirty Cell Phone Make You Sick?

Believed too that he or she deserved to attain super success. In order to become super successful, you must first be able to not only believe in yourself….but you also must be able to visualize yourself becoming the success you desire! (There is a book that’s based on positive thinking.

My daughter let me keep the copy she had. Its titled “The Secret” by Rhonda Byne. 

The thoughts that one holds in their mind materialize into reality, if it’s held in your thoughts long enough and often enough. Just like anything else that you want to achieve big in life, until you can see yourself acting, being and attaining the role of a millionaire – you haven’t a chance of achieving this lofty goal.

To Get From Point A to Point B You Must First Have a Plan


Just like the creators of mobile phones and cleaners, they didn’t start off wealthy and with that idea. Plans mature over the years. Nothing happens over-night.

Of the 35 self-made millionaires, I have read about and studied the closet – all but one of them achieved super success swiftly because they had created a master plan of success (And of Progress) long ago – and they possessed solid stair stepping techniques to securely propel them from one success level – up to another – and on to another until they ultimately catapulted themselves all the way top the top.

And an essential part of literally every millionaire’s success – plan was to think in terms of finite goals and objectives – plus a timetable to schedule themselves strictly in order to meet their short term objectives.

One character trait I personally feel is paramount in enabling you to adhere to a Finite-Oriented success plan is a keen degree of self discipline.

If you currently are not good at visualizing your goals – If you have great difficulty in initiating positive action on your own – without any assistance – I strongly urge you to know – at the very beginning of your quest for super success – that you must develop and cultivate a strong sense of self-reliance and resourcefulness.

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