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Original Publish Date: October 10, 2020

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How Can I Keep My Cell Free Of Germs? | UV Lighting Sanitizer Is The Solution

Original Publish Date: March 07, 2020

Latest Update: April 16, 2021


Having All Your Personal Items Free Of Germs & Bacteria Would Be An Amazing Thing!

The Conversation With Buddy


My friend and I, the other day were having a conversation one morning over coffee & bagels. This is my friend of 50 years.  I do have to admit the bagels were good. (I like mine with butter instead of cream cheese).

Since my friend sells life insurance How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution policies and I’ve performed autopsies before, we spoke on the subject of folks personal health, bacteria, viruses and how do I keep my cell phone germ free.

We cherish our mobile devices. (We’ve always thought that there must be an easier, sanitizing solution that’s safe for phones must be found).

We also touched on the subject of how cameras on some phones are better than others, the best prices offered, availability in variety of colors, etc; and how to seek out & capitalize on better mobile phone deals.

Our conversation also was constantly interrupted by the ringing of our cells. My friend had clients calling in about his insurance business. I also had calls coming in too. (Ladies just wanna chat.) lol.

Always Checking While Conversating


We were constantly checking our phones throughout our talk until we just laid them down on the table.

Talk about how to crush germs on your cell phone, this would always become a problem if you place your phone down everywhere. (I guess my buddy and I have to ‘practice what we preach!)’

So we ordered more coffee and thought about how the world would ever survive without mobile devices?

We even thought back on the days of the pay phone. (It’s funny that we never thought about germs building up on phone receivers back then.) If you didn’t have a dime (later it went up to a quarter) then you couldn’t make a call.

I should add to the fact that you’d be lucky to even find a pay phone that worked back then. (The neighborhood thugs would destroy the phones to retrieve the money).

Driving & Texting: A Dangerous Combination


Today, It seem we constantly break the rules by doing the ungodly thing; ‘texting while driving.’ This is an ‘accident waiting to happen.’

With our mobile devices plastered to our ears isn’t bad enough, now we can’t wait to get that text out.

We know it’s against the law in most states, to do this. Although we know it’s dangerous, but we do it anyway.How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution It’s distracting and can cause major accidents, even death.

We Can’t Survive Without Our Phones


With both us being two older guys, we knew how it was living without these phones. And we remember, back-in-the-day, how we prayed to find a working phone booth when we wanted to make a call.

Younger folks that never lived through those times could not imagine today how we survived. LOL! They don’t know how easy they got it today, with a mobile device ‘in their back pocket.’

Now we fantasized about being the guys who created the cell phones and patent this idea (just image their earning power now)!

Reminiscing On Peaceful Times


My buddy and I would talk about when we were young and carefree. No pandemic back in the 60’s and beyond. Also, there were no cell phones! (If you need to make a call, you better have change for the phone booth).

Even unprotected sex was of no concern for young folks back then. For guys, the only thing we would experience is ‘the clap.’ No problem! (A quick doctor visit, shot of penicillin in the ass and you’re good to go!) But No alcohol or sex for two weeks! And being a young teenager, two weeks felt like torture!!

Times Gone By


With much cleaner air to breath and less germs to deal with back-in-the-day, it was safe to group up with friends.

My friends and I would go out on the basketball court and shoot hoops without fear of contracting anything.

Our only problem we had back then would be the area thugs. The only thing we’d worry about was what they were going to take from us. How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution stealing our basketball.

Some days we may get a little roughed up and robbed of our pocket change.

But that was it! Back in those days, the air was fresh to breath and no worries of any spread of a communal virus spread. 


Rather Take The Ass Whipping


When we were in school, we got roughed up a bit. Robbed of our lunch money, but hardly ever got sick! Kids never got bullied in school and young children playing together was no problem!

My mom was concerned if we got a little head cold. She’d grab that big bottle of Cod Liver Oil, (YUK!!) and cram a large spoonful down our throats. It tasted nasty, oily, kept us on the toilet constantly, but it always did the trick! No serious viruses to deal with back in those days.

In Today’s Times


Our conversation soon shifted to the happenings in our world today. We all understand that things around the globe are not what they used to be! 

So we talked. Not only just about politics, finances and women, but how unsafe and unhealthy it is living in our society today.  Concern over our families health should be top priority regarding our daily thought list.

How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution“It’s our job, within our homes, to keep our children safe, healthy, and germ-free.”


Old Friends Just Hanging Out


Anyway, we sat and talked about what good friends would usually talk about, Sports, Cars & Women (of course). As typical friends growing up, we were always in competition with each other.

Who had more of this! Who got more of that! lol. And at sometime, we’re picking up, talking or texting and laying our mobile devices on the table. It appears we all do this without thinking.

These are areas where droplets fall from sickly folks sneezing and coughing; not covering up. We then lay our phones on top of the same contaminated table or counter. Not conscious of our moves, we touch our faces.

Bottom line: Folks should keep their asses at home if they’re sick!


Looking Ahead To The Future


Although tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us, we should at least be conscious of our health and daily living; even how we handle our mobile devices on a daily basis. As we both were doing that day. (And in some cases, even our phones are handled by others).

Do you ever find yourself out with friends and you want to get everyone into the picture, but find yourself shorthanded? You need someone to take a picture of you and your friends. If the selfie shot doesn’t work, you find yourself doing this:

Is This You?


Case in point; “Uh excuse me, sir. Can you take a picture of us standing in front of the oceanHow To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution?”

“We wanna get a shot of the lion exhibit in the background. Do you mind taking our picture?”

Or “Excuse me, can you take a group shot of me and my friends?”….then you hand that person your cell phone, hoping they don’t drop it because cells are too expensive to replace unless you know how to repair cell phones.

(Hell, you don’t know where that person been, what they got or has been touching!) BIG Mistake!!

Guilty As Sin


I think we’re ALL guilty of this at one point or another. When infected folks handle our phones, then we have problems.

With so many of us practicing this bad habit, we leave ourselves & our phones open and susceptible to other airborne microorganisms and pathogens.

Counter tops in public places are one of the worst areas to put down our mobile devices. And yet, sometime without thinking, we do it anyway. (I’m also guilty of this too)!

Also, If you’re in an area where there’s no facility available where you can wash your hands after someone else has handled your phone, then you’re up ‘shits creek.’

Always keep your clean hands! This will consciously remind you that your cell needs cleaning as well. 

Worst Place Ever To Use Your Smart Phone


I know this sound strange to most folks and something we don’t think about, but one of the worst places to use your phone is in the bathroom, sitting on the can.

Studies have found serious pathogens on cell phones, which consist of Streptococcus, MRSA and even E. coli come from this.  

You’d also be surprised to know that when toilets are flushed, they spread germs everywhere, which is how phones end up with fecal bacteria like E. (That’s why it’s so important where we lay our phones).

But don’t feel bad! I was guilty of this same thing (In the John sitting on the can, looking through Facebook, Twitter, etc;). Regarding these cleaners, I will never recommend anything that consumers were Not satisfied with and didn’t give great reviews on.

The Problem With Liquid Solutions


Let me first begin by pointing there was a time we NEVER even thought about our phones, the health of our mobile devices; except for when the next bill was due. (Keeping our phones clean was unheard of).

Who’d ever thought a pandemic would not only heighten our awareness regarding the seriousness of viruses, and bacteria not only on our personal health, but also on the health of our phone as well?

The problem now-a-day with many, many folks when it comes to eliminating germs & bacteria from their devices (And I use to be guilty of this as well), is that soon as they get home, they grab some type of cleaning solution or disinfectant that’s not even designed for cleaning mobile devices. 

Even too much moisture from hand-wipes could create damage overtime. Once the damage is done, there’s no turning a bad situation good!

Taking A Gamble


Don’t play ‘Russian Roulette’ with your cell. One bad ‘spin of the chamber’ is all it takes. This is what you’re doing each time you clean your phone with liquid. One time being sloppy or careless is all it takes.

Runny solutions or just too much moisture on wipes should NOT be used on the face and body of ANY cell phone. (These mobile phones aren’t designed to withstand any liquids that may seep down inside, through the edges of your phone.) These liquid will leave your phone inoperable.

If you’re lucky enough not to damage your device the first time, just keep on performing this bad habit, eventually you’ll damage your cell phone. Then you’ll be off buying a replacement due to your carelessness (And you know how much Smartphones cost these days).

Keep in mind that our mobile devices can carry germs & harmful bacteria for many days. Researchers discovered that most viruses could live up to six to nine days on items, including your mobile device. But what do we do about all other commonly used items?

Disinfectant Devices Sanitize More Than Just Phones


Just when we thought we were out of the woods from this covid shit, now new variants are coming in from other countries. Fully vaccinated folks are fine. But what about those not vaccinated?

They’re steady spreading germs, handling their phones and other items.  Folks shouldn’t ask themselves, “Why should I buy anyone of these mobile disinfectant cleaner?

They should just do it! The pandemic is getting better. (Just better, but not all the way gone.) Folks are still masking up!

 So as bacteria, viruses and germs continue to spread, our cells also are being contaminated. In addition, our phones are not the only thing that collect harmful bacteria and germs.

What about paper money? Coins? Credit cards & license? Keys?  Jewelry?  Sun glasses? Fiber(Facemask)? Small baby items?  (Just to name a few).

All these items listed, which we use on a daily basis, can contract bacteria and viruses which in turn, can be very harmful to you and your family health.

“Never take yours or your family’s health for granted. There’s a lot of things in the air  that we just don’t know about & how serious ‘those things’ are.”

Your Health Concerns Should Be Your #1 Focus


How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution

Staying in good health for ourselves, family and the importance of disinfecting, constant sterilization is ‘key!’

This should also be taught within our family circle, especially young teenagers living in our home constantly using their cells.

Because so much stuff in the air can contaminate our mobile phones, and other things we deal with on a daily basis, we can never be over-protected.

Smartphone Mobile Protection


Regarding our Smartphones (and all other brand mobile devices), my friend and I Will NOT use anything that doesn’t provide our phones with all the mobile protection and virus fighters we need.

Also, Don’t Forget the Benefits. We all need to take care of our phones just like we would our own personal health. DON’T NEGLECT EITHER! See what you can do for yourself.

Your Mobile Device 100% Safe


“We’ve spent many months researching throughout Amazon’s product data base to present you with the safest, best reviewed, most reasonably priced, disinfectant devices on the market.” How to crush germs on your cell phone is our main priority! 

Safe and Reliable: The sterilizer box has a light that removes up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes. Our sanitizer is CE/FCC/ROHS certified and completely safe.

The U V cleaner has been scientifically verified and tested by an independent third-party laboratory. All carry the manufacturers warranty. U V Lighting is NOT harmful to humans or your phone.

Here Is Seven Of The Most Amazing Devices On The Market Today!

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How to crush germs on your cell phone

Time To Reflect!

With disastrous times behind us, we can concentrate on starting the new year off ‘on the right foot’ by thinking & being ‘health conscious.’ Giving unique gifts on special days to those who mean a lot to you, gives your heart a ‘warm fuzzy feeling.’

Give a Cell Phone Sanitizer as a way to show you care about them, their health & safety. Enjoy the luxury of shopping from home. Get ‘Fast Free Shipping.’ Don’t delay, because I know you want to receive your item in a timely fashion. So order now!