How Can I Keep My Cell Free Of Germs? | UV Lighting Sanitizer Is The Solution

Original Publish Date: March 07, 2020

Latest Update: April 16, 2021


Having All Your Personal Items Free Of Germs & Bacteria Would Be An Amazing Thing!

The Conversation With Buddy


My friend and I, the other day were having a conversation one morning over coffee & bagels. This is my friend of 50 years.  I do have to admit the bagels were good. (I like mine with butter instead of cream cheese).

Since my friend sells life insurance How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution policies and I’ve performed autopsies before, we spoke on the subject of folks personal health, bacteria, viruses and how do I keep my cell phone germ free.

We cherish our mobile devices. (We’ve always thought that there must be an easier, sanitizing solution that’s safe for phones must be found).

We also touched on the subject of how cameras on some phones are better than others, the best prices offered, availability in variety of colors, etc; and how to seek out & capitalize on better mobile phone deals.

Our conversation also was constantly interrupted by the ringing of our cells. My friend had clients calling in about his insurance business. I also had calls coming in too. (Ladies just wanna chat.) lol.

Always Checking While Conversating


We were constantly checking our phones throughout our talk until we just laid them down on the table.

Talk about how to crush germs on your cell phone, this would always become a problem if you place your phone down everywhere. (I guess my buddy and I have to ‘practice what we preach!)’

So we ordered more coffee and thought about how the world would ever survive without mobile devices?

We even thought back on the days of the pay phone. (It’s funny that we never thought about germs building up on phone receivers back then.) If you didn’t have a dime (later it went up to a quarter) then you couldn’t make a call.

I should add to the fact that you’d be lucky to even find a pay phone that worked back then. (The neighborhood thugs would destroy the phones to retrieve the money).

Driving & Texting: A Dangerous Combination


Today, It seem we constantly break the rules by doing the ungodly thing; ‘texting while driving.’ This is an ‘accident waiting to happen.’

With our mobile devices plastered to our ears isn’t bad enough, now we can’t wait to get that text out.

We know it’s against the law in most states, to do this. Although we know it’s dangerous, but we do it anyway.How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution It’s distracting and can cause major accidents, even death.

We Can’t Survive Without Our Phones


With both us being two older guys, we knew how it was living without these phones. And we remember, back-in-the-day, how we prayed to find a working phone booth when we wanted to make a call.

Younger folks that never lived through those times could not imagine today how we survived. LOL! They don’t know how easy they got it today, with a mobile device ‘in their back pocket.’

Now we fantasized about being the guys who created the cell phones and patent this idea (just image their earning power now)!

Reminiscing On Peaceful Times


My buddy and I would talk about when we were young and carefree. No pandemic back in the 60’s and beyond. Also, there were no cell phones! (If you need to make a call, you better have change for the phone booth).

Even unprotected sex was of no concern for young folks back then. For guys, the only thing we would experience is ‘the clap.’ No problem! (A quick doctor visit, shot of penicillin in the ass and you’re good to go!) But No alcohol or sex for two weeks! And being a young teenager, two weeks felt like torture!!

Times Gone By


With much cleaner air to breath and less germs to deal with back-in-the-day, it was safe to group up with friends.

My friends and I would go out on the basketball court and shoot hoops without fear of contracting anything.

Our only problem we had back then would be the area thugs. The only thing we’d worry about was what they were going to take from us. How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution stealing our basketball.

Some days we may get a little roughed up and robbed of our pocket change.

But that was it! Back in those days, the air was fresh to breath and no worries of any spread of a communal virus spread. 


Rather Take The Ass Whipping


When we were in school, we got roughed up a bit. Robbed of our lunch money, but hardly ever got sick! Kids never got bullied in school and young children playing together was no problem!

My mom was concerned if we got a little head cold. She’d grab that big bottle of Cod Liver Oil, (YUK!!) and cram a large spoonful down our throats. It tasted nasty, oily, kept us on the toilet constantly, but it always did the trick! No serious viruses to deal with back in those days.

In Today’s Times


Our conversation soon shifted to the happenings in our world today. We all understand that things around the globe are not what they used to be! 

So we talked. Not only just about politics, finances and women, but how unsafe and unhealthy it is living in our society today.  Concern over our families health should be top priority regarding our daily thought list.

How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution“It’s our job, within our homes, to keep our children safe, healthy, and germ-free.”


Old Friends Just Hanging Out


Anyway, we sat and talked about what good friends would usually talk about, Sports, Cars & Women (of course). As typical friends growing up, we were always in competition with each other.

Who had more of this! Who got more of that! lol. And at sometime, we’re picking up, talking or texting and laying our mobile devices on the table. It appears we all do this without thinking.

These are areas where droplets fall from sickly folks sneezing and coughing; not covering up. We then lay our phones on top of the same contaminated table or counter. Not conscious of our moves, we touch our faces.

Bottom line: Folks should keep their asses at home if they’re sick!


Looking Ahead To The Future


Although tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us, we should at least be conscious of our health and daily living; even how we handle our mobile devices on a daily basis. As we both were doing that day. (And in some cases, even our phones are handled by others).

Do you ever find yourself out with friends and you want to get everyone into the picture, but find yourself shorthanded? You need someone to take a picture of you and your friends. If the selfie shot doesn’t work, you find yourself doing this:

Is This You?


Case in point; “Uh excuse me, sir. Can you take a picture of us standing in front of the oceanHow To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution?”

“We wanna get a shot of the lion exhibit in the background. Do you mind taking our picture?”

Or “Excuse me, can you take a group shot of me and my friends?”….then you hand that person your cell phone, hoping they don’t drop it because cells are too expensive to replace unless you know how to repair cell phones.

(Hell, you don’t know where that person been, what they got or has been touching!) BIG Mistake!!

Guilty As Sin


I think we’re ALL guilty of this at one point or another. When infected folks handle our phones, then we have problems.

With so many of us practicing this bad habit, we leave ourselves & our phones open and susceptible to other airborne microorganisms and pathogens.

Counter tops in public places are one of the worst areas to put down our mobile devices. And yet, sometime without thinking, we do it anyway. (I’m also guilty of this too)!

Also, If you’re in an area where there’s no facility available where you can wash your hands after someone else has handled your phone, then you’re up ‘shits creek.’

Always keep your clean hands! This will consciously remind you that your cell needs cleaning as well. 

Worst Place Ever To Use Your Smart Phone


I know this sound strange to most folks and something we don’t think about, but one of the worst places to use your phone is in the bathroom, sitting on the can.

Studies have found serious pathogens on cell phones, which consist of Streptococcus, MRSA and even E. coli come from this.  

You’d also be surprised to know that when toilets are flushed, they spread germs everywhere, which is how phones end up with fecal bacteria like E. (That’s why it’s so important where we lay our phones).

But don’t feel bad! I was guilty of this same thing (In the John sitting on the can, looking through Facebook, Twitter, etc;). Regarding these cleaners, I will never recommend anything that consumers were Not satisfied with and didn’t give great reviews on.

The Problem With Liquid Solutions


Let me first begin by pointing there was a time we NEVER even thought about our phones, the health of our mobile devices; except for when the next bill was due. (Keeping our phones clean was unheard of).

Who’d ever thought a pandemic would not only heighten our awareness regarding the seriousness of viruses, and bacteria not only on our personal health, but also on the health of our phone as well?

The problem now-a-day with many, many folks when it comes to eliminating germs & bacteria from their devices (And I use to be guilty of this as well), is that soon as they get home, they grab some type of cleaning solution or disinfectant that’s not even designed for cleaning mobile devices. 

Even too much moisture from hand-wipes could create damage overtime. Once the damage is done, there’s no turning a bad situation good!

Taking A Gamble


Don’t play ‘Russian Roulette’ with your cell. One bad ‘spin of the chamber’ is all it takes. This is what you’re doing each time you clean your phone with liquid. One time being sloppy or careless is all it takes.

Runny solutions or just too much moisture on wipes should NOT be used on the face and body of ANY cell phone. (These mobile phones aren’t designed to withstand any liquids that may seep down inside, through the edges of your phone.) These liquid will leave your phone inoperable.

If you’re lucky enough not to damage your device the first time, just keep on performing this bad habit, eventually you’ll damage your cell phone. Then you’ll be off buying a replacement due to your carelessness (And you know how much Smartphones cost these days).

Keep in mind that our mobile devices can carry germs & harmful bacteria for many days. Researchers discovered that most viruses could live up to six to nine days on items, including your mobile device. But what do we do about all other commonly used items?

Disinfectant Devices Sanitize More Than Just Phones


Just when we thought we were out of the woods from this covid shit, now new variants are coming in from other countries. Fully vaccinated folks are fine. But what about those not vaccinated?

They’re steady spreading germs, handling their phones and other items.  Folks shouldn’t ask themselves, “Why should I buy anyone of these mobile disinfectant cleaner?

They should just do it! The pandemic is getting better. (Just better, but not all the way gone.) Folks are still masking up!

 So as bacteria, viruses and germs continue to spread, our cells also are being contaminated. In addition, our phones are not the only thing that collect harmful bacteria and germs.

What about paper money? Coins? Credit cards & license? Keys?  Jewelry?  Sun glasses? Fiber(Facemask)? Small baby items?  (Just to name a few).

All these items listed, which we use on a daily basis, can contract bacteria and viruses which in turn, can be very harmful to you and your family health.

“Never take yours or your family’s health for granted. There’s a lot of things in the air  that we just don’t know about & how serious ‘those things’ are.”

Your Health Concerns Should Be Your #1 Focus


How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution

Staying in good health for ourselves, family and the importance of disinfecting, constant sterilization is ‘key!’

This should also be taught within our family circle, especially young teenagers living in our home constantly using their cells.

Because so much stuff in the air can contaminate our mobile phones, and other things we deal with on a daily basis, we can never be over-protected.

Smartphone Mobile Protection


Regarding our Smartphones (and all other brand mobile devices), my friend and I Will NOT use anything that doesn’t provide our phones with all the mobile protection and virus fighters we need.

Also, Don’t Forget the Benefits. We all need to take care of our phones just like we would our own personal health. DON’T NEGLECT EITHER! See what you can do for yourself.

Your Mobile Device 100% Safe


“We’ve spent many months researching throughout Amazon’s product data base to present you with the safest, best reviewed, most reasonably priced, disinfectant devices on the market.” How to crush germs on your cell phone is our main priority! 

Safe and Reliable: The sterilizer box has a light that removes up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes. Our sanitizer is CE/FCC/ROHS certified and completely safe.

The U V cleaner has been scientifically verified and tested by an independent third-party laboratory. All carry the manufacturers warranty. U V Lighting is NOT harmful to humans or your phone.

Here Is Seven Of The Most Amazing Devices On The Market Today!

My Personal Favorite! KOZIS Mastiff UV Sanitizer | Clinically Proven UV-C Light Disinfector | 360-Degree Inner Reflection | 99.99% Disinfection Rate | 2-USB Charging Ports

Check Out This Sanitizer’s Unique Design. Read Here Regarding Reviews, Product info, Specs & Pricing.

How to crush germs on your cell phone


UV Light Sanitizer Box, UVC Sterilizer for Smartphone, Nail Art Make up Tools, Clinically Proven Kills 99.9% of Germs Viruses & Bacteria in 180 Seconds 8 UV-C LED 59S S2

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How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution


This is nice! A PhoneSoap Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger | Patented & Clinically Proven UV Light Disinfector | (Mint)

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How To Crush Germs On Your Cell Phone-One Easy Solution


UV Light Phone Cleaner Box with Wireless Charger Fast Charging Cell Phone Cleaner 3 in 1 Charging Box for iPhone iWatch AirPods 

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How to crush germs on your cell phone

Time To Reflect!

With disastrous times behind us, we can concentrate on starting the new year off ‘on the right foot’ by thinking & being ‘health conscious.’ Giving unique gifts on special days to those who mean a lot to you, gives your heart a ‘warm fuzzy feeling.’

Give a Cell Phone Sanitizer as a way to show you care about them, their health & safety. Enjoy the luxury of shopping from home. Get ‘Fast Free Shipping.’ Don’t delay, because I know you want to receive your item in a timely fashion. So order now!

Cell Phone Cleaners




Product Line





  • Lifespan of the LED lights is normally up to 50000 hours on these sanitizers.
  • you can place car key, credit cards, toys, cell phone and other gadgets that can fit in the box.
  • you may use on plastic products.


  • Specs may vary on different devices, but will fit most standard size Android phones
  • Colors may be limited
  • Most Not designed to fit tablets

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  1. Nice article. It’s good to know that I can sanitize my phone without it damaging. For a phone sanitizer to be invented, I think it’s a highly commendable one. I also like the feature of the sanitizer, the portability, and also the fact that you can charge your phone while you are sanitizing it. Thanks for such useful information 

    1. Thank you Juliet for commenting and your compliment. Yes we all have to be careful with how we disinfect are phones. Too much solution or the wrong type could damage the face of our cell phones. We must take care of our devices because we spend so money on them. We want them to last! It’s always safer using a special cleaning machine. Juliet, please share this with others.  

  2. Brilliant, I was just thinking about this the other day as I walked around and washed my hands kept away from other people but realized that my phone is probably a cesspool of germs and bacteria.  Obviously the coronavirus has all of us on heightened alert for germ and virus killing products.  This product is a must for all the time and not just while we figure this coronavirus moment in history.  Have the cell phone companies issued any statements about UV devices and the effect?  These smart phones are expensive, just want to make sure it is safe!

    1. Hello my friend. To answer your question, my guess is the mobile/cell phone companies may post announcements or notices in the area as how to take care of your phone. But they leave it up to the consumer to use common sense. We have to sanitize and disinfect our phones in a safe manner. As you just said Robert, we pay a lot for these Smartphones and want them to last; and that means how we keep them clean & safe. I hope that I’ve helped present a solution. Please share this info with others.

  3. This is really a great post, especially in an era where different sickness are at rampage. It is of essential benefit for one to stay clean and healthy. The most advantageous part of the post is the benefit it will have on our children when we adhere to the suggested precautions. Everyone wants their children to grow without sickness and one major issue parents encounter is how to keep their cell phones away from their children. Since children are very curious, they will search the entire place to look for such gadgets and play with them. So its of paramount importance to know how such gadgets should be germ and bacteria free in order to have a healthy home. This is a super post and highly educative for us all. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. Good health for our families should always be a major concern. Maintaining it on a daily basis is of utmost important. In these times, this should be are only concern. We all wanna see our children grow up healthy, strong and at best; germ-free! Please share my post with others.

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    1. Thank you Benny for your compliment. I want to always ‘throw my hat in the ring’ to provide my readers with helpful information and a solution to keeping their mobile devices, along with other daily items, bacteria and germ-free. It’s a long uphill battle, but taking the right measures and precautions we will prevail. Please share  

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    1. Hello my friend. I’m glad you found some value in my article. Not only does it have great features, but you can’t rule out the benefits, which the features create. They are what keep folks safe, healthy and alive. If more people thought of the accumulated germs on our phones, then they’d be more careful of how they’re handled. Please share my article. Thanks.

  6. Hi

    You do not often think about your mobile, tablet or other devices can be breeding ground for various bacteria and viruses. You have to disinfect  the phone and also your hands as well. It is good practice  as the mobile can pick up a lot of gunk and will need to be cleaned periodically. I think the onus should be to keep the phone to yourself, not to share the phone  with others, not to place the phone on dirty surfaces and try to keep usage in public to a minimal.

    A great article and a great reminder. It may get people of their phones.  Do you think that phone manufacturers should be concentrating  on surface that kill  or minimize  microbe expose?



    1. Hi Antonio, to answer you question, it’s up to us the consumer to maintain the sanitation and workings of our phones. The manufactures only job is to pump out phones for us to purchase, Different styles and brands. Our phones collect and harbour many germs and bacteria. We must use the right items to keep our cells clean. Please share this post.

  7. This article is very informative, especially now that the epidemic with this Corona virus is increasing every day. 

    I think that besides our body, the most important object that we have to clean is our phone. Only in this way will we prevent the infection with this virus and make everything return to normal. 

    It is very important to know how to do this without breaking the phone and thank you very much for sharing such an informative article.

    1. Thank you for checking in with me today. We need all the information and help we can get during these troubled times. Treating and caring for the elimination of microorganisms on our phones is a ‘key’ move. Germs and bacteria can live on the face of our phones for up to 9 days. We need to treat this as soon as possible. We use are phones every day! Let’s keep them clean!

  8. Hello there, thanks for sharing this with me, I admire the way you carefully breakdown things for proper understanding of any one who reads. 

    This is my first time of hearing about The UV Smartphone Sanitizer, I’ll try it out, I just hope it’s helpful. Thanks you very much for the review!

    1. Thank you my friend for checking in with me. In this day and age, we need all the help we can get regarding safety for our health and our devices. In regards to ‘The UV Smartphone Sanitizer’, the UV stands for ‘UltraViolet’ which is one of the main feature of this phone, and allow the greatest benefits. 

      With clinically proven results, this powerful UV light is totally safe for electronics. While killing 99.99% of germs, UV light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes can’t reach. Bottom line: let’s all stay safe and healthy. Please share my post with others.

  9. Hello Robert, thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Bacteria’s are everywhere and so there is the need to get a solution so they wouldn’t affect our health. The mobile phone is one thing we all own and move about with and so there is need to keep it germ free. Getting to know there is sanitizer for a mobile phone and it wouldn’t cause any damage to the phone is really amazing. I hope to get one soon.

    1. Hey Benson, thanks for stopping by.(..and it’s Ronald, not Robert). With all the various pathogens and microorganisms in the air today, it’s our top priority to keep our families, our bodies and our cell phones safe and clean. With this COVID-19 among us, that has changed our world, we have to take every precaution to staying healthy and using a clean phone every day. Please share my site with others. 

  10. Very true, our cell phones are the dirtiest item that we put on our face all the time and that exposed us to all the viruses especially the COVID-19. The UV sanitizer looks amazing! My only concern is that it is not very portable for me to be carrying around but it will be a perfect tool for me to use when I get back home. The price is very affordable as well, thanks for sharing! 

    1. Yes, my friend Nuttanee. Our cell phones can get pretty nasty and dirty. Germs and bacteria everywhere. We don’t realize how many germs are cells pickup each day. During these times of making sure our items our safe, we have to pay extra attention to our phones everyday. Safety first. Help stay virus free.

  11. Thank you for pointing out something everyone does daily, and often times goes overlooked. I’ll be honest in saying, that I too am guilty of constantly using my phone in random situations in public, or setting my phone down in places that would be questionable during times such as now. 

    I like your suggestion about the UV sanitizer, for its a product I never have heard of before, and interested in looking further into. What are your thoughts of using high concentrated alcohol (99% isopropyl) to gain the same effect as a sanitizer? 99% isopropyl alcohol is recommended for cleaning and disinfecting computer screens, TV’s, and windows, so wondering what your thoughts are for using it on our phone as well. 

    1. Thank you Brandy for checking in with me. In this day and age, we all need to go ‘sanitation crazy’ over our everyday devices. Have to keep them germ free! To answer your question, it would be risky to use a liquid solution on the face of your phone. It can run down between the seams and make matters worse. Maybe some devices will take a bit of isopropyl alcohol, but it all depends on your device. (Apple,for example, does not recommend it.)

      That’s why the most safest way is using a device which offers UVL. This is the most effective way for proper cleaning. This is one feature/benefit I offer to my readers, plus many more. Please share my site with others.

  12. Many thanks to you and this timely article to present this wonderful article to us. The main thing is how do you make your mobile free bactericidal bacteria.

    To disinfect the mobile first we need to keep our hands clean at all times.Do not share your mobile with anyone else who has your mobile at all times. Another way you can find out from here is that paying a mobile charge can be quite life-threatening. With mobile disinfectant in hand, you will be safe to lead many lives.

    Many thanks to you for presenting us an article through which we can not keep our mobile disinfectant safe.

    1. Hello my friend. Since this COVID-19 crises, we must be more conscious of how we handle our phones. Lying our phones around on a public surface, not washing our hands and letting others use our phones is not a smart move. What I offer is a sanitizer with a UVL that safely removes harmful bacteria from your cell. You should look into it. Please share my site with others.

  13. Thank you for sharing this helpful and informative article about How to keep your cell phone bacteria free – staying safe. Your article was well written and very helpful. It is great to know that anyone can sanitize their phone without damaging them. For a phone sanitizer to be invented this is a brilliant thing and can be highly recommend. I like the feature of the sanitizer, the portability, and also the fact that you can charge your phone while you are sanitizing it, l love technology it makes our lives do much better. I have bookmarked your article so l can go back again. I will share it with my family and colleagues. Great post and helpful information.

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    1. Hi Fiona. Thank you for reading. I agree that technology has changed everything for the common good within our society. We should all take advantage of items offered that would make our lives easier. Of course, there is good and bad in all products. I’ve done my research here. Please share this article with your social media downline. 

  14. Great and informative article. I already have a person I can buy this for. Killing viruses and bad bacteria is certainly a hot topic now. The first time that I really took notice of a UV scanner was in a news article. Airlines use them now to sterilize the plane cabins. It was developed by a Dr. and he just picked up contracts with the airlines. Thank you for sharing such a great article.

    1. Thank you Courtney for stopping by and commenting! You can never be too careful in today’s world with all the crap flying around, and we lying our cells down picking up everything under the sun. Good sanitation is what’s needed. UVL’s on devices are mainly what’s needed for killing germs and bacteria. Please share this post with others.

  15. This is a very interesting post here and thanks so much for sharing this out here. To be honest, I really like what this has presented here. I never would have thought there could be a way to sanitize our phones without spoiling it. Wow! Also, the fact that this sanitizer is incredibly portable and would be easy to carry about. This is great and thank you for sharing out here

    1. Yes Ella, we have to be careful regarding the handling of our phones. Many folks grab any old type of plain cleaning fluid, which could damage the phones interface. Liquids are never good. A phone device created specifically for cleaning cell phones is much more safer and would never damage your phone. This should be used by everyone! Please share my post.

  16. Well in this case we just need to be careful and more serious with the way we handle our phones,laptop and other valuable things so as to avoid germs and bacteria. We should not be carried away with the way we handle these things because if we don’t treat them well they will tend to cause us more harm and damages.

    1. Kevwe, you would think, as you say, we would be more careful with the way we handle our personal items. But I feel it’s just human nature we, as people, get careless and subconsciously start lying are phones down on contaminated table tops and counters as we talk. We must do a better job with phone safety! Please share with others!

  17. This is a very good post that I have really enjoyed reading every single part of it since you wrote it out here. I have to say that it is true that droplets of bacteria cdrop whenever we talk and it can go on to stick to any accessory that we have with us. It is up to us to do the right thing to keep ourselves safe. Great write up. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Riley, for checking in. You would think the way news coverage speak of Covid-19, they make it sounds as if it’s ‘jumping off people’s clothing and onto the next person! (I know it’s not That Bad, but we still have to be careful. Washing our hands before handling our cells would help). Even with the way we handle and clean our phones). Please share my post! 

  18. Hi, This is a great idea and a very relevant one in the current climate of our wonderful planet!

    You have written about all of us being guilty of spreading germs in such an innocent and unintentional way. this shows how hard it is to remember how we can break our habits to create new ones.

    I would like to know more about the UV Smartphone Sanitizer, How does it work?

    is there any scientific evidence or FDA testing about the results to prove it’s reliability?

    1. Hi Darren. I admit that, when you go online, they’re many other designs, variations and models of cleaning devices regarding cell phones. Through my own careful studies and research, I find this was the best one at the most reasonable price. There have been in-house studies from it’s manufacturer regarding its reliability. You’ll see Operating instructions and product description when you go to the site, by clicking on image. Thank you.  

  19. That was very great of you. I read through and was enjoying the article. I got intrigued and was wanting to read more. It’s cool! The UV sanitizer would be a good one. Many of us are actually guilty of improper handling of phones and thereby exposing our health to bacteria and deadly virus. It will impress me to get the sanitizer for myself and my loved ones.

    1. Thank you for commenting, my friend. Our safety and health is our #1 priority. Since the start of this global pandemic, we all have to be concerned about bacteria and viruses. Our mobile devices collect more crap than we could imagine. Keeping them clean is ‘one smart move.’ Please share with others.

  20. the effect of covid 19 on the world now has led to panic and we have to employ means by which we can stay safe

    You have made it clear that not only do our mobile devices need disinfecting, but also things such as car keys, coins, dollar bills, jewelry, plastic credit/debit cards that are being passed from hand to hand.

    1. Yes Kirkman. In this world of uncertainties, we can never be too careful. As you listed, many other things than just are phones can be sterilized. Germs, bacteria and viruses are everywhere. We just have to stay safe and careful in all we do. Please share my post. Thanks.

  21. I have read some articles on this before, but all points hitted here are really cool. So many of us are usually not carful enough or do not have enough knowledge of the bacterials that our phone devices are exposed to and how they can also affect us in a large extent. This phone sanitizer is really a nice option for everyone. Thanks once again for this concise article.

    1. Hi Sheddy. Thanks for commenting. In our society today, it’s ‘safety first’ We must commit to maintaining good health for our families and ourselves. It all starts by keeping our bodies ‘virus’ free and our cell phones ‘bacteria’ free.

  22. Very good article about things that are germy that we don’t usually think about like phone, credit cards, and coins. With all the other things that we manically clean, now there are more to add to the list. Lesson learned!  Article was also well written and thought out.  I recommend this article.

    1. Thank you my friend Anthony, for checking in and reading. Thank you for the compliments. I’m glad you found some value in my article. In today times, it seems everything is germ infected. With the world encased in Covid19, we have to monitor everything regarding how we keep our phones bacteria free! Our items must be handled carefully to stay healthy. Please share my post with others.

  23. Smart, I thought about this one day as I washed my hands in the sink with fear of keeping away from other people but realized that my phone is probably the number one carrier of the virus.  Just for now it is all because of the  coronavirus.   This product is a must for all the time and not just while we figure this coronavirus moment in history.  Do the cell phone companies issued any statements about UV devices and their effect on body? Thank you for the information though.

    1. Hi Juma, thank you for commenting. Yes, when need all the protection we can during this time of unpleasantries. We all understand the procedures when it comes to keeping our bodies clean, but we tend to forget about our cell phones; they need tender loving care as well. That’s why after careful research, I posted what I thought would be the most beneficial cell phone sanitizer for my readers. As far as UV rays are concerned, they are safe for consumers use. The manufacture also post information regarding UV Light on the product description list printed on their site. Juma, please share my post with others.

  24. great article. i do think about it every day during my routine. we touch our phones with dirty hands full out of germs daily. i do work with sick people and patients and an environment full of germs and always worry about carrying them with my phone until i arrive home where my family can hold my phone. so your advices are really good and worthwhile. thanks for sharing the information with us

    1. I agree that there’s so much crap in the air that affects our health, its not funny. So Fares, with what you do in that work environment, a cell phone sanitizer is what you need. And the good thing is that on your way from work, you can sanitize your device because it’s portable. Use it in your car. Take it to work. Good to have just waiting on the table when you arrive home. My friend, please share this post with others. 

  25. Excellent idea for cleaning those tools that we use so often.  I had no idea but was glad to see the method you shared.  I didn’t know that such a product could be so versatile.  

    We are all needing to be as careful as we can to ensure our health.  We really do use these items carelessly without realizing what we are doing.  How many exposure spots we allow our phones to be exposed to.  Being able to clean masks as well is a bonus for me.  We have outlived the simple wipe the phone idea as they are in our hands so much. Does the site have a larger one for Ipads?  My grandkids have one in their hands a lot.  They are not careful where they put them down either.  

    With all the times we forget and lay our hands or phones or whatever we have in our hands down wherever we are, this cell phone sanitizer box would be a good investment for our homes.  Thank you for bringing this appliance to my attention. 

    1. Yes, people don’t realize how many germs and bacteria are cell phones can hold. We handle are phones on a constant bases. Lay them down in unsuspecting, germ infested places. As far as ipads are concerned, I don’t think they make them big enough for that size. But any type brand cell phone, keys, jewelry, money, etc; can be treated and sterilized within the container. Please share my post with others. 

  26. Hi; thanks for your input about sanitization. I don’t leave my house often but I ensure to sanitize my keys and my hands together as I returned home every time I left my house.

     I often use alcohol with hand sanitizer to sanitize my mobile phone and charger. The sanitizer box shown here looks professional, Can I buy one at any online store?


    1. You’re welcome DorcasW. Hopefully my article was educational and motivational enough where you could see a valuable use in a cell phone sanitizer. Although DorcasW you don’t venture out much with your phone, it can still sanitize other small personal items; such as coins, jewelry, keys, etc; 

      The way you’re cleaning your phone now using alcohol, you stand the risk of getting moisture inside your phone which could cause serious damage. To answer your question, a regular cell phone store usually just sale only various types of cell phones and chargers. I’ve done extensive research on the sanitizers i posted on my site; its benefits, features and best pricing. That’s why I recommend you purchase here through my site. Thank you. Also, please share my article with others.

  27. I love it! I think keep our cell phones more protected of germs and virus attackers is the most important aim in this pandemic indeed, the family’s health should be the priority in our daily thought list. Phone Cleaning Box or Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging, it sounds brilliant, I am sure many people would like to buy this perfect strategy to keep your phone Bacteria free. 

    I will share this article with my friends! Thanks for this relevant info.

    1. Thank you Andres for reading and sharing my post. Cell phone cleaners are the best thing since slice bread. Everyone’s affected by this pandemic, and everybody seems to carry their phones everywhere.(Unless you left home and forgot it.) But to have the ‘piece of mind’ of a ‘germ killer’ for our cells is a great feeling! 

  28. Thanks a lot for this article, it came at a perfect time. I’m so happy to hear that without any issues This product is a must for all the time and not just while we figure this coronavirus moment in history.  Have the cell phone companies issued any statements about UV devices and the effect?

    This review helped me a lot since I never knew this thanks a lot

    1. Thank you my friend for stopping by and commenting. For sure, this is an item all cell phone owners should have. A clean cell is a good working cell phone. To answer your question, it has been stated in reports that UV rays are safe and sufficient in regards to killing bacteria and viruses. Please share my post with others.

  29. Hello Ronald, Just seen your article “How To Keep Your Cell Phone Bacteria Free – Staying Safe.” I was not aware that I can sanitize my phone. I also like the feature of the sanitizer, the
    portability, and also the fact that you can charge your phone while you
    are sanitizing it. Thanks for such useful information.



    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. Yes, there are many kinds of useful devices for the consumer for the protection of their phone. I understand that when are phones are damaged or repairable, we just can’t jump up and go by another one. (Who has that kinda money lying around!?!) I know I don’t. So we gotta protect the health of our phones, just like we would ourselves. DigitallyRajesh, I don’t know if you were able to see the other page, but here I’ve listed more cleaners. Check it out:

      Please share my post with others. Thanks.

  30. Thanks for sharing this story. I am not aware that our smartphone bring a lot of germs, even including COVID-19 virus! I’ll take some time to strerilize my phone and other gadgets every once in a while. I think it’s also important to not touching your face after touching your gadgets too. Thanks

    1. Yes, Alblue that is the proper procedure. Don’t touch our eyes, mouth and nose after touching anything contaminated. Sadly, many folks walk around with no mask, carrying germs themselves, which increases the chances of more germs being spread. The more bacteria and viruses are among us, the more likely our devices and our health will greatly suffer.

  31. This is a excellent topic. Yes we are all guilty of touching and checking our mobile devices som many time a day and yet we dont mind where we place them, on dirty surfaces. I think you got yourself a good niche here. This is brilliant. We all need to think about cleaniliness and getting rid of germs and viruses that make us sick. Especially in these times of covid 19. 

    Just one question. The sanitizers at Amazon. Do they destroy the Covid 19 virus as well.

    Well done with the article..


    1. Hello my friend Energy K. Thank you for checking in with me. Yes our personal health and the health of our phones are very important. To answer your question, the ones I post on my site, kill 99.9% of deadly germs & bacteria. Other containers that I Didn’t post go as far to say that their product kill the Corona virus. But to be honest, I’m not sure if the manufacturer can produce documentation to uphold that claim. I’m honest to my readers! If I can’t produce documentation to the buyer, I DON’T promote their product! Please share my post with others.

  32. Hi!

    I like the way you write the article. Yes, we live in the time of a global pandemic and I do try to take care myself to stay away from it by wearing mask, using hand sanitizer and soaps frequently. But, I never give serious taught about sanitizing cell phone or small things I use on a daily basis. Its really an eye opener for me. Thank you.

    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, my friend Mohammad, during this pandemic we must remain vigilant. Protecting our phones is ‘key.’ Protecting our health is ‘priceless.’ I can’t wait for this whole thing to end and everyone’s life will be back to normal. I’m glad to hear this was an eye-opener for you. Please share my post with others.

  33. I think you highlight a great problem here. I really want to clean my phone but I am worried that I might damage it. Mobile phones are just so expensive now. I don’t know if that is just me but I reckon this is one of the major blocks to people cleaning their phone.

    I once saw an experiment where someone washed their hands and then checked on ultra violet light how much bacteria was left. Guess what, there was lots of it and the guy covered had really washed his hand very well or so I thought.

    So anything that helps us clean our phone which we touch and then go on to eat food is a good thing.You are right to highlight especially in the current times.

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for checking in. People can damage their phone if they do it in an unprofessional and sloppy way. Phones are expensive and we must always take care of what we have already. Touching our phones with dirty hands, then having our phones near our faces is unacceptable. A good sanitizing device is what we need. Please share my post with others.

  34. Great post, this is really interesting, i think many people needs to see this article because lots of people use phone and everyday people contact bacteria,diseases from the one they use, and most people doesn’t give much attention or not aware that disease and bacteria can be contacted from phone, this article is really an eye-opener, i will surely re-post this article and also inform people around me that they can actually sanitize their phone….Thanks

    1. Thank you my friend. Yes, many people don’t realize that our phones can be as nasty as handle doorknobs, or pressing public buttons, Bacteria can radiate from all around. To avoid sickness from any item, they must be sanitized! Having a choice of cleaning units is very helpful. Look at these:

      Kingsking, please share my post with others. Thank you

  35. At a time like this, this is an issue that we need to take with some seriousness especially because of the virus and we are mostly with our phones using it for different things. As you said, discussions have really shifted in our world today and we need to know what is right to do. I will take your advice on how to keep our phones bacteria free. Thanks.

    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. In our changing world, where our health is so critical, it’s important that we take care of our phones just as we would our own personal health. Having a healthy phone & a healthy body goes hand-in-hand! Please share my post with others.

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    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you allow me.

    1. Thank you Md. for checking in and commenting. (Yes my friend! You can share this with your FB group) I wanted to inform folks of how important it is to take care of our phones. Germs and bacteria are everywhere. A good cleaner for all our needs, is very good for us as users. Is this the page where you saw the portable case?

      Again, thank you and please share my post.

  37. Hello, awesome article you have here. This really caught my attention i just could not ignore it. I’m really sure that this is going to help anyone that comes across it, especially in an era where different sickness are at rampage. this article is going to help a whole lot of people thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Hi Joy. In these times when we have to walk around in a cesspool of germs. we need all the protection we can. Not only for our bodies, but our phones as well. Our phone get ‘sick’ too. Good sterilization will always take care of the problems that is going to consume are cells. A good, germ free phone is what we all want. Please share this post with others.

  38. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, I think the best way to keep your phone bacteria-free is by constantly sanitizing it with an alcohol-based sanitizers or glycerine based is good too

    1. Hi my friend. The problem with a liquid-based sanitizing cleaner is the fact the liquid could get inside your phone and damage it. This is not good for your phone. That’s why I recommend an automatic cleaner with UV lighting, which is cleaner and safer for mobile devices. Just 8-10 minutes a day is sufficient. Please share my post. 

  39. Cell phones are truly huge vectors for germs because of how much we touch them every day. But most of us don’t even think about it because they are such a regular part of our lives. I don’t even like holding my phone up to my face because I know how dirty it must be. I never used any kind of cleaner on it, though, because I am afraid of damaging it. I had never heard of this phone cleaning device before, and I think it is an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Bailey for checking in. With this pandemic sweeping the globe, cell phone sanitizing machines are on the rise. I’m surprised Bailey, that you never heard of a cell phone cleaner before? They have all types, and with all different prices. If you ever wanted to invest in one Bailey, make sure it has UV lighting installed on the cleaner. These produce the better results. Please share my post.

  40. Hello,

    Your post is really on point considering the times we are living! When the COVID-19 first came out, one of the first recommendations I heard was to keep my cell phone away from germs. I must say that I was very surprised to hear that but afterwards, it made sense. Now I try to keep my cell phone out of hand and face and put the loudspeakers every chance I get. Headphones are also a very good idea. All the best!

    1. Thank you my friend. Sorry I was unable to reply right away, but things happen. Yes, this covid-19 deal has shook our country, and caused our society to heighten our awareness of maintaining good health. Viruses can get on our phones and other things we deal with on a daily basis. We should all have sanitizers in our possession. Please share with others. 

  41. Knowing how to ensure proper sanitisation of our phones without necessarily putting ut in danger is a good thing g which I am very delighted to see here. Surely a good thing to see here and how you have given so many information and overview. A bit saddening that this cannot work with all devices as I would have loved to use it for my phones. Thanks here

    1. Having an item that sterilizes our phones in these times, is a good thing. With so much crap in the air that we breath, not only is that a major health concern but also a concern for our phones. Stuff just settles in as we handle it. In regards to devices that disinfect our phones, most machines don’t fit all phones. You have to try it and see, unless you know your phones specks. Please share my site with others.  

  42. Hello Ronald, 

    In our world there could be bacteria anywhere and sons tines we are the who who gets the bacteria to our phones because they are already on our hands. However, with the introduction of the Cahot Fast UV Light Sanitizer Box, we are saving ourselves from so many sicknesses. And for those of us who have little babies at home who stick our phones in their mouth, now they are safe with this box. 

    1. Hi Lawson. Thanks for checking in with me. Any sanitation cell phone device which has a UV light is always the best to have in your home. Most of them will hold smaller items along with our phone (depending on the depth of the device). These are great for the home and they’re portable. Please share my site with others.

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    1. I’m glad that you see some possible value in my post. I try to educate my readers on what I feel is important in todays times. Keeping our personal health up along with the health of our phones is a ‘key’ move. We must safely take care of both. Please share my post with others. Thanks.

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    1. Hi Jack, how are you? I’m glad you found some value in my post. Yes, spread the word. Tell all your friends and relatives about my site that educates how serious a dirty and bacterial zed your phone can be. These germs can be passed on to others just by sharing these devices. The solution is here.  

  45. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoy going through your article. A lot of people still do not know how much bacteria can be found on their cell phone, I think this is a good way to create awareness for the general public, well done.

    1. As you say my friend, awareness is ‘key.’ Germs and various bacteria could end up anywhere within our bodies and also on our phones. You said it right about many folks don’t realize these germs accumulate very fast. Mobile cleaners should be in every one’s home. Please share my site with others.

  46. At a time like this, it is something that I would consider to be very important considering the fact that there is the whole Corona virus thing and it wouldn’t be nice or even plausible to know that someone gets the whole Corona virus thing. Thank you for this very good information.

    1. Thank you Jacking for commenting. Like you just said, this whole Corona virus thing is totally ‘out of control,’ and what ever help we need to protect our phones (Also our personal health as well), we’ll take it. These sanitation devices that I promote will stop most, but not every virus (especially covid), but it is a damn good place to begin. Please share my post with others.

  47. Hi,

    From my online research about the topic how to keep your cellphone bacteria free stay safe, it was found that average users touch their phones several times a day, and that number increases day by day for heavy users. Between touching your phone, your face and surfaces including countertops, keyboards and more, spreading germs is likely. Some germs and viruses, including coronavirus, can linger on surfaces anywhere from a few hours or up to several days or more, depending on the surface material and the environmental conditions. That’s why learning how to clean your phone is just as important as learning the right way to wash your hands.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes Aluko, you’ve done your online research well. The numbers don’t lie. These germs and viruses attack surfaces in many different ways. Staying time varies regarding how long these bacteria and germs hang around on the item(s) they attack. Cell phones can get pretty germy. These cleaners will save the day! Please share my post with others.

  48. Most people, including me are not aware of the fact that there are bacteria on our cell phone(s). Some times, I even place the cell phone in my mouth when making use of the flashlight and working with both hands. And it’s bad habit, I know. At least, from reading this article, I can now keep my cell phone bacteria free. This is one great step to living a healthy life.

    1. Yes Kelvin, I agree with you about recognizing the bad habit of putting your phone in your mouth. Kelvin, that’s a Big ‘No, No!’ You don’t want those germs in your system, through your mouth. Keeping your phone clean, just like your personal health is a ‘key’ factor in life. Do the smart thing. Get a phone sanitizer and eliminate the fears & worries. Kelvin, Please share this post.

  49. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how to keep your cell phone bacteria free. I really enjoyed going through this as it contains vital information. Indeed, we have to keep our phone bacteria free especially in times like this when we are in a pandemic. These tips are important and I’ll take them seriously. 

    1. Yes Sophie, we must keep the health of our phone up the same way we keep up our personal health. Neither one wants to become bacteria laced and get sick. (Our bodies nor our cell phone). You know the reaction, when our phones go down, So it’s good to keep them sanitized and clean! Please share my post with others!

  50. Wow, this article was really enlightening and educative as well, thank you so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed it and also shared it with my friends and family and they liked it as well, I never really knew much about these items until I read this article, they’ll really help in fighting germs and the virus. This was really timely in a period like this pandemic 

    1. Thank you Collins for commenting. These are rough times were going thru. Our own personal health along with the health of our mobile devices, are both at stake. We want safe, clean health for our bodies just like we would want a safe clean phone. In these times, we can use a good, affordable cell phone cleaner. Thanks for sharing my post with your friends and family.

  51. I have heard that we need to clean our phones too. Because it can be a Carrier of the virus. And as we know that the virus can live longer on certain material, we need to keep our phones clear.

    So, I think the phone sanitizer is a great tool to have nowadays. But make sure to find one that fits your phone size and design. Because if can’t hold your phone then it will not sanitize it.


    1. Yes my friend, size do matter in regards to what will fit inside the sanitation device. That’s why you purchase from a company that has a good return policy. Like for example, right now Its posted on my site, Amazon has a holiday return extension policy that started Oct 1st through January 31, 2021. If it doesn’t fit, No problem. Having a good cleaner is a ‘key’ move.

  52. I’ve thought about keeping my house clean from germs and bacteria, but never thought so deep into keeping my other personal items free of germs & bacteria. I do clean my phone, but not like I should. I set my phone down on tables, booths, benches all the time. I never knew there was such a thing as a phone sanitizer. That’s awesome! Thank you! Would you be able to sanitize coins with it?

    1. Hi Saiphet, and thank you for commenting. You know my friend, I’m surprised myself at how many people do not know about these sanitizers. They are very useful and can sanitize most all small items (Yes coins, no problem). This is a must have item for anyone who cares about their phone. Please share my post with your downline.

  53. Being harassed by neighborhood thugs was a norm in my environment when growing up. A lot of us fail to protect our phones. So they are exposed and get vonurable to attacks by hackers. Just same way we protect our system, we should also cautiously protect our phones from germs and hackers 

    1. Yes my friend. Those thugs are everywhere, in all neighborhoods. Many years back, phone booths would not be safe in the inner city. Vandalism would be on the rise. Phones would be broken into for the money. Thank God for the invention of cell phones and even better, sanitizers! Please share my post! 

  54. I personally have to admit that I am addicted to mobile phones, after all, they are part of our everyday life. If I went back to the movie and thought about the situations in which the phone was used, I would probably never pick it up again. How many times have I found myself looking at the phone while driving and not thinking about the consequences?! I would never even remember to think about the consequences of using the phone, of course, because of the work I do with it. Phones are a source of infection, that’s right. If everyone would pay a little attention to his hygiene as we do with our hands the world would be cleaner.

    1. Hey Oliveir, you’re exactly right that our cell phones have us addicted! We go into a ‘panic attack’ when we leave our homes and forget our phones. (Some folks make complete U-turn after driving a couple miles to go back home and get their ‘germy’ phone they forgot.) Having a sanitizer with a UV light, at home would be great for all cell phone users. Please share my post. Thank you.

  55. Great article for the situation the world seems to be in nowadays. It’s also nice to see someone bring solutions to a problem instead of more problems to pile up. Staying off phone while driving is just an obvious one I think. Thank you for the article, it was insightful.

    1. Thank you Adam for commenting. I try to post information I feel that’s valuable to my readers. Useful stuff. Stuff they could benefit from like health & safety. Most folks don’t realize what a dirty phone can bring. This is why cell phone sanitizers are so critical to have. Please share this post with your downline, my friend.

  56. Hello there, Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of  help to me…I have been very cautious when it comes to things like this, due to the high spread of covid-19. Corona virus, as it very contagious and once it gets in contact with your phone its finished…thanks a lot for sharing…

    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. We can never be too careful when it boils down to handling our phones or when others handle it. With germs flying all over the place, we have to understand our mobile devices can become infected just like our physical bodies. That’s why I offer cell phone sanitizing devices to my readers. Please share my post.

  57. With all the bacteria and germs all around us in this present world, we really need to disinfect our phones. Why? Because we make use of it very well more than anything else. It’s like it’s our next best friend. Well, Covid 19 has thought us how to be more cautious of our health. I’m surprised to see a device that could sterilize not just our phone, but watches and other of our devices. This will really help to reduce the infection rate. 

    1. I agree James, We appear to have an addiction to our mobile devices and go crazy when we take off and leave it behind. That cell phone, germs and all, has to be in our possession at all times. We know we’d feel more comfortable knowing our phones are sanitized and germ free. This is why all cell phone owners need a good quality cleaner; which they can get hear. Also a cell phone replacement or an extra phone if needed. James, please share my list with others.

  58. Hi and thanks for sharing this. What a great suggestion for a Christmas gift. I am sure these will be very popular and very well received. Even though the evidence now suggests that coronavirus transmission is predominantly airborne, this is flu and cold season, and colds are passed primarily through touch. I guess the great thing about this device is that it will handle all those small high-frequency touch personal items all of which constitute germ risks. Thanks again for this great idea.

    1. Yes Andy, a great holiday gift indeed. (Not only just Christmas, but anytime of the year) When it boils down to germs and bacteria, they will be around til ‘the end of time.’ As long as they’re humans on the earth, we’ll always have to deal with germs. That’s why I’m happy to offer the public some type of solution to this germy problem. Andy, please share my post! 

  59. Phones are often the last thing that people think about when it comes to sanitizing. We never had to worry much about this in the past, but suddenly now in 2020, the world I am sure has never been a cleaner more germ-free place to live.

    I normally wipe my phone with an alcohol swab, but I am guilty of sometimes forgetting to do this. I love the idea of the sterilizing box you show at the bottom of this post, and it is great you can use it for a number of different items. I think this would really be a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t deliver this item to South Africa. I wonder where else I could pick up something like this?

    1. Thanks for commenting Michel. Yes, 2020 has been one, crazy unpredictable ride for us all. Keeping our mobile devices germ free is a ‘step in the right direction.’ Alcohol swabs maybe good as long as you don’t get any moisture inside your phone. We just have to be careful regardless of what we use. Please share. 

  60. With everybody on high alert for keeping safe, it is great to see that your mobile phone can be sanitized. A mobile phone, or any mobile device, must be covered with bacteria and germs if you think how you pull it out anywhere and then put it down on surfaces that might not be germ free. 

    Do you know if these devices are endorsed by any mobile phone companies that they are safe for their phones?

    1. Thank you line for checking in with me. In these times we live in now, you have to be on ‘high alert’ and not let your guard down in regards to how germy your phone really is. Mobile sanitizers in this day & age appear to be a must. Help has arrived. In regards to your question, when you open the Amazon page, each sanitizer will have the manufacturer’s warranty and safety measures posted. Please share.

  61. I’m a woman in my mid-twenties and I’m almost sure that for us, women, time hasn’t really changed (not talking about technology but as humans living in a misogynist world). Back in the day we couldn’t take a walk late at night because we were afraid. Nowadays we’re not even safe in our own homes. Sure, technology has evolved in a great and powerful way. As you said, what would we do without our cellphones? I use my phone for everything: reading, socializing, working…everything. I’m disabled and due to that I rely a lot on my phone. It’s amazing how the human mind works that even in the depths of a pandemic people have come up with alternative solutions to stay safe and keep our possessions clean.

    1. Hi Stephanie, how are you? I agree with you regarding how technology has come a very long way. We treat our cell phones as an extension of our bodies. Where our bodies go, it seems our cells follow! It does make us feel a little safer with our mobile devices at our side, or at arms reach when we’re at home. And we feel even better knowing our phones are germ free! Stephanie, since you rely on your phone a lot, you want to keep it clean & in working order. A good, quality cell phone sanitizer is what you need and you can get one right here. 

  62. Hi, 

    I didn’t even know it is an issue. Keeping your mobile phone free of germs. But now that I read your article, I realize just how much dirt we carry around with us all day long. Those things definitely need to be bacteria-free. 

    It was interesting to see the kinds of stuff available for this simple act. I guess people have literally thought of everything that can be done to make money. 

    I prefer plain wiping down with an alcohol-based solution. I just hope that that is enough? Do let me know, please.



    1. Aparna, many folks are doing that too, using an alcohol-based solution to clean their phone. The only problem with that is that there’s a greater chance of getting moisture down in the cracks, under the screen if you’re not careful. A sanitizing device, which has UV lighting (ultra violet) gives your mobile device a more thorough cleaning inside & out. And not just phones, it sanitizes keys, watches, money, wire-frame glasses, plastic credit cards, jewelry, etc;   

  63. A sterilized box with UV rays, ingenious! I’ve never thought of that though I have heard a lot about UV rays eliminating germs and a very high dose of it can even prevent covid though it might be harmful to humans. The Envva microwave-like box looks really cool, how often do you think we should use a day if I don’t want to damage my phone in the long run?

    1. Hi Riaz. Thank you for commenting. Yes, the Envva oven-looking box is pretty cool and unique looking. But based on the reviews, they’re all good at ‘taking care of the business.’ As far as time used for cleaning your phone, I think it depends on how often you take your phone out among the elements. And the same goes, for sanitizing all other small items. But once you go on Amazon site, the product page will give you much more info and disinfecting time. 

  64. I really enjoyed this article and i think you make some great points throughout. The bit about people driving whilst on their phone is my biggest frustration with people in life, so thanks for highlighting this. 

    In terms of germs on your phone, i can safely say that after reading this article i will be making changes. I constantly run whilst having my phone in my hand, so i can’t begin to imagine the bacteria this creates. I will certainly consider some of the products you have reviewed further. 

    Thank you for this great read.

    1. Thank you Joe. I’m happy to know that you’ve found some value in my site and I’m hoping that it brings awareness to any other readers that open my page. Keeping your cell bacteria-free and in working order is important. Just think how much we use are phones on a daily basis? Don’t you think more care should be given to our mobile deices? Please share my post.

  65. This is amazing! I never knew there were a sanitizer box for cellphones and that UV light could help kill the germs.. It will be the perfect christmas gift or birthday gift. I just love it! I keep a button on the ENNVA UV Sanitizer Box Large. It looks good and have plenty of room. I love the fact that you can put multiple products into it. But it is maybe not so practical when you are on the go. So having one smaller box on the go and the larger at home is a perfect combination. Dirty cellphone days are definitely over with these products. Glad I found this article.

    1. Hello Hilde, Thank you for your comments. It’s funny that many folks don’t know that they have devices for cleaning mobile phones. They also don’t realize how germy their phones can get from handling them outside so much. A lot of crap gets picked up on our phones, and we don’t realize it. As far as the devices being able to take with you, most are wireless and you can charge it in your car. Plug it up through your cigarette lighter. 

  66. Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece  of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. Most people do not know that their cell phone can be one of the most dirtiest item there is, thanks for this tips though 

    1. Yeah Harry, our mobile phones can be as dirty as a gas station pump handle. (Well, maybe Not as dirty as that, but our phones are pretty germy.) Remember, bacteria and airborne pathogens will cause our phones too be ‘too dirty to safely handle.’ We must keep our devices clean. That’s why we need a phone sanitizer always at our disposal. 

  67. Hey there Ronald Kennedy, Thanks for this really nice educative article

    Yes We are all guilty of giving our device to just about anybody to help us take pictures and all, I have not really thought of micro organisms and pathogens getting on the phone before. Thanks for the tip on sanitizing the phones without it getting damaged. I would do this often from henceforth. 

    1. Yes my friend. Airborne germs and bacteria can accumulate on our phones without us even realizing it. One of the worst places to ever use your Smartphone is in the bathroom, many germs can land on your device. We must keep up the care regarding our phones. You need a safe cleaner, which you can get here.

  68. This is a beautiful and timely article. I have been so worried about the bacterial state of our gadgets, phones, laptops, tablets but especially phones .I am happy there is a solution out there, this was so needed even before the pandemic. I have always used wipes to clean my phone and gadgets but I knew that’s not enough.

    1. Thank you my friend for checking in. We must treat our phone’s health just as we would are own personal health. We take our cells everywhere, so you know they’re picking up all kinds of crap out there. We physically handle this same germ-infested phone, which we pick up with our hands. We have to get into the habit of giving our mobile devices ‘daily deep cleanings.’

  69. Hello there!

    That is a really amazing and helpful article you have there. As a matter of fact, it is very educating. It just made me conscious of some bad habits I practice with my phone which are not healthy for my phone nor me. I hope to be able to adjust to the lessons I learnt there and stay safe with my phone.

    Thanks. It was really helpful.

    1. Hi Caro, thanks for commenting! I’m happy to hear you got some educational value from my site. The awareness of what’s going on in our society, regarding airborne bacteria, is key! Our phones health is just as important as our own personal health. (We want to keep them both germ-free). Please share my post. 

  70. I have often wondered what kind of bacteria might be spreading via our phones as so many people take them everywhere with them. I see them walking to restrooms, handing off to strangers to take photos, and even setting them down in the ladies’ rooms. Then they take them to the dining table in the restaurant. Or worse, hand them off to a toddler to play with.

    The UV devices you have shown seem like good options for cutting down on the chances of spreading those germs and bacteria. I’ll be taking a closer look at them. Maybe Christmas gifts? I’m thinking!

    1. Hi Diane. All the things you mentioned is what we all, as cell phone owners, are guilty of. Just doing our everyday stuff and not thinking about putting in more attention into our mobile devices. Living in a cesspool of bacteria and viruses each day keeping ourselves safe is a job within itself, let alone worrying about our phones. Please share to educate others. 

  71. Well, I’m definitely guilty of driving and texting.  You’re right though, it’s definitely an accident waiting to happen, and if it hasn’t happened yet, we should consider ourselves to be very lucky.  Luckily new cars have options already in them to use voice commands to send texts and also talk.  Speaking of laying our devices on the table…wouldn’t it be great if we went to a restaurant and there was a vault where we had to leave our phones so we could just enjoy the company of the friend’s we’re with, until we leave?

    1. I think we are all guilty of that Paul. Texting while driving is no good. Thank God we don’t have as many accidents as we should. Voice command regarding talking & texting is in our vehicles is the way to go! Maybe I’ll submit your ‘restaurant vault idea’ in the suggestion box! LOL!

  72. Thanks so much for sharing an accurate article that helped me to know more about how to keep my mobile phone bacteria free, as we listen to any recommendations about how to keep everyone safe, it’s also important to keep anything we carry with us all the time bacteria and virus free and this includes our smart phones of course, I didn’t know I could get a device that will keep it in its best to be safe for me to use it anytime, I will take a look to the sanitizer, I’m sure my husband and my children will be also interested on it, 

    1. Thank you for reading and gaining value from my site. Many folks don’t know that there are safe and efficient ways to clean your phones. Something that is handled on a daily basis, like our phones, should be more protected from these germy elements that surround us. Alejandra, Please share this post.

  73. Wow! This has been a great article to read and I’m very happy that I have run into it today. I can evidently see that it is a lot to consider what could be on your phone as it is one of the most bateria-infested places in the world. Some studies suggest that it is even dirtier than a toilet seat because a toilet seat gets cleaned more frequently than a phone. This has been a great read because now i know what to do to avoid bacteria on my phone

    1. Hey my friend! Don’t talk or text on your cell phone, while in the bathroom sitting ‘on the can.’ Many bacterial type germs can settle on your phone which, over time, can lead to health problems. Users should always get into the habit of keeping a clean and healthy mobile device. A good sanitizing machine would solve all problems. Please share my post.

  74. Thanks for this educating and informative article. I did get to learn a lot and had a great knowledge gaining experience from reading this article. Most of us, I inclusive, pay less attention to keeping most of our personal items bacteria free. In fact some people do not pay attention at all. From the awareness I have gotten from this article, I, for one, would definitely improve on my phone hygiene and try out the Do U-V Sanitizer you recommended above.

    1. Hi Nelson. It would be a smart move on your part to ‘try out’ as you mentioned one of the sanitizers which I offer. You know you’ll always have peace of mind. A clean phone is a ‘healthy phone.’ Educating my readers is what I do. Thank you. Please share.

  75. It is very true that cellphones are liable to enormous amount of bacteria because of the countless numbers of time  it comes in contact with our hands and different surfaces which has been earlier exposed to dirt’s. This is a nice article and it’ll help people make their cellphones bacteria free.

    1. Yes Shavo, people need to be educated on things like how germs and bacteria can build up quickly on the things we love; such as our mobile devices. Viruses and airborne micro-organisms can settle in on any item. We must protect our phones the same way we protect our bodies.

  76. I called a friend of mine a few days ago and when he answered the phone he said “wait a minute” and some time later he was back on the phone “hey, I’m back”. So I told him “If you’re busy I can call you later”. And he told me “No, no it’s ok, I was just looking for my face mask”.

    That’s not exactly the way of preventing infections through our phone! But you’re right, this pandemic has heighten our awareness regarding the seriousness of viruses and bacteria!

    1. Great story Ann. This just goes to show how germ conscious some folks really are. Like you said, our awareness is running ‘sky high.’ With this pandemic, we can never be too careful. Your friend needs ‘a cell phone sanitizing device.’ Ann, show your friend this article. Share with others. Thank you. 

  77. The Covid-19 pandemic has created the awareness of wanting to be conscious of what we do at all times with respect to the fact that there are bacteria everywhere. One important gadget that is a constant part of our lives and daily activities, is the mobile. Owing to the fact that we barely can do without our mobile phones, it is of great necessity to keep them bacteria free. Thanks for this educating article that teaches how to do so.

    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. We get very careless in regards to the handling of our phones. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere and we just have to be more careful.  Owning a sanitizing device is the way to go.

  78. Thanks for your article! I am definitely going to look into learning more about the UV light sanitizer box. In the current climate of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the UV light sanitizer can be helpful in eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses from our high-touch accessories, such as our mobile phones, key fobs, and key chains. 

    1. Calla, It seems like during these current times, no home should be without a cell phone sanitizer. We all use our phones on a daily basis. Germs and bacteria seem to be everywhere. It could be on our keys, coins, glass frames, etc; we must remain safe, and protect our phones too, at all times.

  79. Thank you for sharing this here. It is great to see this here and the way you have shared this here is just good. Cellphones can be a bad way to get bacteria but knowing how to get over It and keep it over it all is just really the best thing all. Thanks so much for this here though. 

    1. Yes Liza, you’re quite welcome. It’s really something that most folks don’t realize that airborne viruses & bacteria can land on any object. Our bodies included. Having a sure way to clean our phones is something that shouldn’t be over-looked.

  80. Hi Ronald, thanks for this informational post. In this current COVID-era, this is something I have indeed given significant thought toward! I’ll admit, I’ve been one of those people using moisture wipes to try and clean my grimy case. That UV light Sanitizer Box you’ve suggested is remarkable – I need to have a good look at that for my use. I wonder if it works for COVID too?!?! 🙂 

    1. Thank you for reading my post my friend. To answer your question, research has shown it kills 99% of most bacteria and viruses. But it still has to be determined to what percentage of the covid19 virus it wipes out. But for the most part, the devices will sanitize your phone and all other small items very well.

  81. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this. Reading about this article how to keep your cell phone bacteria free here is an easy solution sounds really amazing. The review was awesome and informative. I’ll definitely give this simple steps a try

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Charity. I’m glad my writing pleases folks. Keeping our phones clean and germ free is important. A good bacteria free phone is a working, healthy cell phone. It’ll keep your mind relaxed knowing you have a germ-free cell.

  82. Thank you for sharing a very current topic and the messages are what we all need to read and take heed of. Hygiene is a constant battle worldwide and therefore having more like this article to share with others is not just timely but necessary to get the messages out there. I hope there is more of this to come 🙂

    1. My sites aim is to educate and bring awareness to, not only how easily contaminated your cell phone can get, but also other items are included. Those items consist of keys, credit cards, money, Jewelry, nail clippers, etc; these things can easily, over-time, affect your health because of your daily handling.

  83. Wow-what a timely post, I didn’t even know that things like the sanitizer boxes were available.

    I guess I am lucky because I live remotely and don’t have a lot of contact with people except for when I go to town. The world certainly does think differently about hygiene now. You have got me thinking now, well done.

    1. Thank you for reading, my friend. As we approach a new year, many folks will always put their health in the forefront. After all the crap we went through in 2020, we now are cautious ‘at every turn. Safety and good health should be your main family concern.  

  84. Thumbs up to this site. I went in looking for a cell phone holder for my car and came across lots of other wonderful and unique gifts I haven’t seen yet. I also found some great smart speakers for the kids rooms. This site has a lot of choices. Also found a laptop steering wheel desk. 

    1. Thank you my friend, for stopping by my site. I aim to please! I hope that as you explored my site, you found it satisfying to your needs. I would appreciate any feedback you’d like to provide on how my site could improve. Again, thank you.

  85. I have also been guilty of handing over my mobile phone to a waitress or passer by to take a photo, without even thinking about the germs that are left behind on my phone. It is quite scary to see that germs can live on your phone for as long as 6 to 9 days. To be able to sanitize your cell phone with UV light, is an ingenious invention and I will have a closer look at your recommendations to decide which one is best for my needs. 

    1. Thank you my friend for your comment. I agree, that we all make that slip up with our phones and need to be more cautious of its handling. Germs are everywhere! Help is now here with these amazing new sanitizers with UV light. This special lighting not only kill germs and bacteria on our cells, but other commercially used items as well too.

  86. Hello there! I sometimes forget how dirty my phone can get especially with all the places it travels to and depending on where I go. I admit that I am one of those who use alcohol wipes and some type of regular cleaning with a towel. I did not think that it would ever damage the phone. I am a little iffy on UV products to clean phones. Have you been able to notice if  there are any side effects from potential exposure to too much UV rays or even damage to the phones? Thanks for this informative post and innovative idea!

    1. From feed back I’ve received from actual users and various reviews posted online, they had no problems. UV (ultraviolet lighting) is 100% safe and will not damage phone (Internally or externally). I understand your concern. Our sanitizer is CE/FCC/ROHS certified and completely safe. The U V cleaner has been scientifically verified and tested by an independent third-party laboratory.

  87. I confess.  My own phone grosses me out sometimes, not to mention someone else’s, which I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole!  I have never heard of a sanitizer box being used outside of a hospital or doctor’s office but it makes sense!  As you point, it can be used for many household items!  Since I live in a very small space, I have to ask:  what are the dimensions of this box?  I’d love to have one if it doesn’t take up too much space.

    1. Thanks Cynthia for dropping by. To answer your question: It all depends on which one you seek? The first one that stands upright, the UV cabinet Sanitizer, product specs are 13.9 x 12.3 x 12 inches; 7.25 Pounds. This would sit on your bedroom dresser easily. The others, the product specs vary. You’d have to click on the one that interest you to see the specs and reviews. (I’d say the average size of the others is about the size of a jewelry box, but again check the specs). 

  88. It’s are our duties to make sure our home and family are safe and germs-free. We always picking up and laying down phones on tables and countertops without even much thinking. We don’t if someone had a cough and sneeze all over the place where we lay down the mobile device. We touch our faces without know right then, we all should live daily life on how we should keep our homes free of germs free. We make many mistakes daily placing our phones down in public areas, letting people take a picture of us, and laying it down in the bathroom,  where it numerous bacteria.

    1. Yes, my friend it’s our sole duty to concern ourselves with our families health. Taking care of our mobile devices, keeping them germ free, is an important step to maintaining good health. There’s just too many germs and viruses in the air for us to ‘drop our guards’ and think all is ok.

  89. “We can’t survive without our phones” as scary as that sounds it could not be more truthful. We completely depend on our devices for everything; being social, education, work, entertainment, managing our agenda, etc. With this pandemic going around is kind of hard going out to the grocery store for 10 minutes and feeling paranoid about your cellphone being exposed to things that can possibly affect us, it’s a really overwhelming feeling. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re being safe and you’re also keeping your belongings safe.

    1. Yeah Steph. We, as cell phone lovers, carry on as if our cells were attached to our body. We’d go nuts without it. We also must keep our phones clean and virus free. To much crap in the air, that could possibly land on our phones. These sanitizing machines that I promote, are ‘just what the doctor ordered!’

  90. It’s definitely important to keep our phones sanitized, especially in the era of COVID. I noted a lot of the products you reviewed use UV lights. I have a friend who is a big germ-a-phobe. He has one of those black lights like people used in the 1970s to view groovy posters. He insists that’s the same thing as a UV light and that his black light works EVEN BETTER than commercial UV products sold for the purpose of sanitizing cell phones. Is he as crazy as I think he is?

    1. Hey William, I think your germ-o-phobic friend has been smoking too much ‘loco weed’ while viewing his posters glowing under the black light. LOL. Trust me William, I know it’s Not the same effective UV lighting used to kill bacteria and germs from your phone. The UV lighting on the sanitizers are all scientifically & laboratory tested. I had one of those black lights back in the 60’s. (The only reason I never gotten sick back then is because I ‘stayed stone’ all the time.)LOL!

  91. Thanks a lot for sharing about mobile device and how to be healthy while using one, mobile phone as been a thing we use on daily basis and we can’t do without. Reading ur post show more hazards that is to phone usage and how to tackle them. It’s time to get save by getting a UV sterilizer.

    1. Thank you for commenting. UV sterilization is the way to go! I’m surprised many people don’t know about devices out here that can disinfect your cell. Knowledge is golden. Education is ‘key!’

  92. You are very right, so many of us carelessly hand over our mobile phones to each other in the process of taking selfie pictures. We forget about our health and transfer bacterias to each other. Like you said, the older generation that once lived with out phones have gotten addicted to it, what happens to the younger ones who knows no other live but a system that runs on phones an micro gadgets.

    It will take good information for them to see the danger in using there phones carelessly 

    1. My friend, we all get careless with our phones because it seem like that’s just the way it is. We don’t think our phones can ‘get sick’ along with our bodies. In regards to both issues, (phone & personal health) we have to take things very seriously. Investing in a UV sanitizing machine is ‘the way to go!’ 

  93. Ah, yes. I’ve seen such sanitizing equipment before, in eateries to sanitize spoons and forks. You are certainly right in that germs can get onto our phones. And I don’t like to use liquid in case it gets into the phone and spoil it. So I agree, UV sanitizer is the way to go. Let me check out your recommendations.

    1. Thank you Clark. Feel free to check out my cell phone sanitizers and the benefits they offer. Remember, they clean more than just mobile phones. Your keys, coins, credit cards, jewelry, nail files, etc; can carry viruses as well. Throw them all in for a 5 to10 minute cleaning session. All will be good!

  94. Fabulous article. I loved the information that you have given. I am tempted to immediately order one of these for my home so that all of us can sanitize our mobiles at least once per day. 

    I can’t believe the number of germs we carry around on our fingers and phones. Gosh!

    Thank u for this enlightening post.



    1. Yes Aps. Many folks out here don’t realize the transmission of bacteria & germs from our fingers/hands to our cells. Also, I discovered many people doesn’t even know these types of devices exist, that can increase the life of their phone. A super clean phone equates to longevity!

  95. Thanks for emphasizing the efficacy of staying healthy and clean at home! Strictly adhering to those precautions will, of course, help control the situation. And to prevent bacterial infections and keep children healthy, we need to keep gadgets and phones away from them. Or alternatively, we can fumigate the whole house, as it can sometimes, be challenging to stop children from touching phones and home gadgets. Due to children’s curiosity, they will look for those devices with or without the parents’ consent and play with them. So, if gadgets aren’t kept clean, children will easily get Infected. Thanks.


    1. Joyce as parents we for sure have to keep an eye out on are children. We don’t want our children playing with our cleaners, which they may break. Taking care of our items is our main responsibility. We must keep them in working order and away from kids.  

  96. Holy crap! This is definitely an overload of information. But in a good way ha ha. Thank you so much for this information. I think that having an overload of information is definitely a good thing. And I will definitely be coming back for your website to learn more in the future. Thank you

    1. Hey Misael, there’s never enough good information to share out here. I look at it this way, as long as the information is valuable and constructive to my readers, this makes me very happy. I’m always looking to better someone’s life. Feel free to visit my other sites I currently post as well. Thank you. (Please share this post.)

  97. Good day, I’m pleased to come across this important information. Our daily practices and diet have a very huge impact on our health. We need to keep our bodies strong and healthy. So, it’s important to keep our personal  items free of gems and bacteria. The latter and the former are causes of diseases, which may ultimately affect our health. This is a very helpful information.

    1. Yes my friend, the health of our phones is as important as our personal health. We must take care of them both. I think these strains of new viruses that’s hitting us are here to stay so we must be ready. A cell phone sanitizer is the best thing to have! 

  98. Just last time, I explained to my brother that the door handles are dirtier and infested with bacteria than a regularly maintained toilet.
    Now in this article, you have also broadened my horizons regarding the dirt on smartphones.
    I can really agree with everything written. It was very interesting to read this post with all the detailed information.
    Thanks to the presentations of eight sanitizer products available in the market, I will take a closer look at the offer and consider buying the most suitable product.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Nina, we have to take care of our phones as we would our personal health. Just think, our phones absorb enough airborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses, that could easily be passed on when we share our phones. (This is what I mean when I say our phones ‘get sick,’ and need constant sterilized cleaning.) This is a ‘no-brainer.’ Everyone should get this cleaning device.

  99. It is scary how many germs do collect on your mobile telephone and many people do not realise that. You certainly do not want to be using a liquid detergent or cleaner. To find that you can actually get a phone sanitizer that will not damage your device, is brilliant. I would choose a sanitizer that can also be used for small items like glasses, bank cards. A great choice of sanitizers you have here.

    1. I offer some great choices that will take care of business, regarding sanitizing your phone. Many folks don’t know how important this is. Protecting our own health along with the health of our phone is a ‘key’ move! A phone disinfectant device is the way to go! 

  100. This is probably one of the best things that I have read today, the fact that you say how things have changed is SO TRUE. I feel so much has changed so soon and using phones all the time is something I agree with as well. Your advice on cleaning the phone and getting rid of all the germs on them is one of the best! Would love to pin this post!

    1. Go right ahead and ‘pin’ my dear friend. I’m glad you found some value in my post and you understand, what I offer could help many cell phone users. These unique deices couldn’t have come at a better time. Help has now arrived!

  101. I always wondered how I could get rid of the germs and bacteria from my mobile phone. I never thought there would be a product that cleans mobile phones. Once people realize the ENNVA UV Sanitizer is here and what it can do it will sell like hotcakes. I will purchase it asap and recommend it to my friends. Thanks for the great review.  

    1. Thank you my friend for commenting. They’re many folks who also wonder is it a better way to clean their phone. The safest and most thorough way is through a cleaning device, which could do a better job than cleaning by hand. Along with your phone you can also use it to clean other small items; ex, keys, coins, sunglasses, jewelry etc.

  102. Hello there! This is a great article. Sometimes I forget how dirty our cellphones can get even after taking classes like microbiology. Even if we try our best to keep it as sanitary as possible, it just can’t be help at times with society’s demands. But I really like your idea of the UV sanitizers. Thanks for taking the time to compile the detail of your selected ones.

    1. Thank you Mike for stopping by. As we function in our daily lives, we sometime just get careless with our phones. By the time we become conscious of our moves, our mobile devices have picked up all types of bacteria and germs, which we bring right into our homes. That’s why regular cleaning is a must! 

  103. What a smart tool! I have often wondered how to keep my mobile clean throughout the day. This will solve the problem easily. I love the UV sanitizer box. Easy to put in my bag and bring with me if I am going to work. I just wonder – does the UV radiation affect the cell phone in any way? I agree that our cellphones are wandering bacteria bombs and that we are all guilty of neglecting this. With so many people using cellphones it is actually strange that it is not more focus on this. I mean we bring our cellphones everywhere. To school, at work, to friends etc. We put it in our bags and leave it here and there and spreading bacterias all over. The UV sanitizer box should be a must for all cellphone users.

    1. Hilde, I really appreciate your comment and you recognizing the importance of having a germ-free phone. To answer your question, UV lighting has been tested & is 100% safe. Viruses, gems, and bacteria could easily accumulate on our devices. As a society, we must be smart in educating ourselves on how to better protect our phones and keep them germ free.

  104. A very informative article you have here, I personally never thought about germs and bacteria in my everyday life, I guess that could be because I never really get sick, I am one of the lucky ones.  But I guess as we get older our immune systems will get weaker and weaker and thanks to you teaching us about this I will consider getting myself a sanitising device thank you.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you found some value in my article. Everybody always worry about catching something passed ‘person to person.’ No one every think about their personal items can collect & pass viruses, along with harmful bacteria on their phone. Also included as germ, virus and harmful bacteria collectors are: coins, paper currency, jewelry, keys, sun glasses, small baby items, etc; 

  105. These disinfecting devices have been popping up all over since the start of the pandemic. With good reason to! There was a study done once to show exactly how dirty peoples’ mobile devices were and the results were definitely eye-opening. I think everyone should have at least one, maybe two of these in every household. Thanks for sharing this list of devices. Will definitely come back here when I finally purchase one for myself.

    1. Well, I guess it’s good to know others our ‘health conscious’ and is concerned about this germy society we live in. We all should know by now that staying healthy should be our greatest concern. Keeping our mobile devices ‘germ free’ should be of a great concern as well. Thank you for checking in with me.  

  106. I read a study about restaurants that says menu’s are the grossest thing in a restaurant and the thing that is cleaned the least. This makes me think the same thing, it’s something we use the most, we use our phones regularly and we never clean our phones. This is a great way to stay fresh and not damage your phone.

    1. Dash, many of us neglect the cleanness of our phones and how we can make them germ free. A good cell phone disinfectant device can take care of any phone issues you may have regarding bacteria.

  107. Nice in discussing these cell phone cleaners.

    I am somehow not updated if these have around for about 2 years now. But it is a good thing that they are more known now in the market and you are one of those creating awareness in the online market.

    With this time of viral infection and our eco- system poses more bacterial infection, we really need to take care of one of our most frequently use daily tool – our mobile devices.  Your advocacy of creating more awareness of this item is very timely.

    I personally like Snoky S1 Phone Cleaner Aromatherapy Multi-Function Large Capacity for iPhone Android Smartphones Jewelry Keys Watches as it accommodates other items. Are those pens in the picture? Pens are also often used and borrowed.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Yes my friend, pens, among other small items, can be placed inside container as well. Anything handled by us or others, on a frequent basis should always be sterilized for safety purposes. Thank you for commenting.

  108. Very instructive and important review on general health and mobile phone. The issue of health due to constant contact in various places and circumstances with the use of a mobile phone is very topical, especially during these years of the Coronavirus pandemic.
    A phone is a tool we can no longer do without, with which we did more or less work, but little thought is given to hygiene and health. Unfortunately, as the author notes, our mobile phones are sources of infection and we should take care of that because it is not only about our health, but also the health of our loved ones.
    The review gives beautiful and instructive examples about us, the phone, and health, and that should be remembered.
    New disinfection devices and not only telephones are also presented here. All this speaks of the author’s desire to raise our awareness that we have to adapt to the existing circumstances and follow the necessary advice in order to continue to use our favorite mobile phone with less danger.

    1. Thank you Dragan for checking in with me. As a society, when it comes to our cells, we tend to neglect the fact our cells can ‘get sick’ too just as our human bodies do. They break both down and don’t function correctly, if not properly cared for. Please share my post.

  109. Hi Ronald, it is true that we use smartphones all day, even now, I am reading this post from my phone. The possibility to be full of germs is 100%. We use alcohol much time in the family, but reading this, I learn that it damages the device and it is not the best to choose to sterile the phone. So, I agree with you. A UV sterilizer is a healthy and convenient choice to use in the family. I like your first recommendation here. It seems to be larger than the other offering the sterilisation not only for my phone but also tablet and other small personal things that I use daily, like keys, pens, etc. 

    Thank you for sharing your experience and research with us, very helpful.


    1. Most folks Alketa, just don’t realize how much crap is flying around in the air that’s bad for our own personal health, not to mention our phones. We must take care of the health of our phones by keeping them ‘germ free; and in working order.

  110. Thanks, heaps, Ronald Kennedy. You started the blog with 2 of my favourite coffee and bagels as I read about bacteria accumulating on my phone. A U V cleaner is a step in the right direction especially given that we’re currently experiencing a virus crisis.
    I think our UV Light Sanitizer Box would work well for everyone from teenagers who are addicted to their phones to adults looking for some peace of mind when it comes time to clean up after dinner or take care of chores like cleaning our cell phones or smartphones without having worry over all those germs hiding out on surfaces just waiting for us!

    1. Yes JW, these germs and bacteria accumulate very quickly on our mobile devices. People are unaware, these are the same germs that’s bought into the house, around family. A good thorough cleaning, of our phones, is what we need everyday.

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