How To Keep Your Cell Phone Bacteria Free – Staying Safe.


Having All Your Personal Items Free Of Germs & Bacteria Would Be An Amazing Thing!


The Conversation


My friend and I, the other day were having a conversation one morning over coffee & bagels. This is my friend of 50 years.  I do have to admit the bagels were good. (I like mine with butter instead of cream cheese). Since my friend sells life insurance policies and I’ve performed autopsies before, we spoke on the subject of people’s health. Later the conversation shifted to the health of our phones and how to keep our cell phones more protective against germs and virus attackers.

Our conversation also was constantly interrupted by the ringing of our mobile devices. My friend had clients calling in about his insurance business. I also had calls coming in too. (Ladies just wanna chat.) lol.

We were constantly checking our phones throughout our talk until we just laid them down on the table. So we ordered more coffee and thought about how the world would ever survive without mobile devices?

With both us being two older guys, we knew how it was living without these phones and how we prayed to find a working phone booth when we wanted to make a call. 


Reminiscing About Days Gone By 


My buddy and I would talk about when we were young and carefree. No pandemic back in the 60’s and beyond. Also, there were no cell phones! (If you need to make a call, you better have change for the phone booth).

Even unprotected sex was of no concern for young folks back then. For guys, the only thing we would experience is ‘the clap.’ No problem! (A quick doctor visit, shot of penicillin in the ass and you’re good to go!) But No alcohol or sex for two weeks! And How to keep your phone germ freebeing a young teenager, two weeks felt like torture!!

Back then, my friends and I could go out on the basketball court and shoot hoops. The only thing we’d worry about was the neighborhood thugs coming by and stealing our basketball.

Back in those days, the air was fresh to breath and no worries of any spread of a communal virus spread.  Kids never got bullied in school and young children playing together was no problem!

My mom was concerned if we got a little head cold. Maybe that’s the most others would get sick around you. No serious viruses to deal with.


In Today’s Times 


But soon our conversation shifted on the happenings in our world today. Not just political talk, but how unsafe it is living in our society and around the world during this pandemic! Concern over our families health should be top priority in our daily thought list. It’s our job, even within our homes, to keep our children safe, healthy, and germ-free.

Anyway, we sat and talked about what good friends would usually talk about, Sports, Cars & Women (of course).

As typical friends growing up, we were always in competition with each other. Who had more of this! Who got more of that! lol. And at sometime, we’re picking up, talking or texting and laying our mobile devices on the table. It appears we all do this without thinking.

These are areas where droplets fall from sickly folks sneezing and coughing; not covering up. We then lay our phones on top of the same contaminated table or counter. Not conscious of our moves, we touch our faces. Bottom line: Folks should keep their asses at home if they’re sick!

Looking Ahead In The Future


Although tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us, we should at least be conscious of our health and daily living; even how we handle our mobile devices on a daily basis. As we both were doing that day. (And in some cases, even our phones are handled by others).

Case in point; “Uh excuse me, sir. Can you take a picture of me and my lady? We wanna get a shot of the ocean in the background.” or “Can you take a group shot of me and my friends?”….then you hand that person your cell.

I think we’re ALL guilty of this at one point or another. When infected folks handle our phones, then we have problems.

With the Covid-19 deadly virus all over the country, along with other airborne microorganisms, counter tops in public places are the worst areas to lay down our mobile devices. And yet, sometime without thinking, we do it anyway. (I’m also guilty of this too)!

Keep in mind that our mobile devices can carry germs for many days. Researchers discovered this Coronavirus could live up to six to nine days on items, including your mobile device.

How To Keep Your Cell Phone Bacteria Free-Man calling family at home.

But not only do our mobile devices need disinfecting, and constant cleaning, but also things such as car keys, coins, dollar bills, jewelry, plastic and credit/debit cards. Because so much stuff in the air can contaminate our devices, we can never be over-protected. 

Regarding our Smartphones (and all other brand mobile devices), my friend and I Will NOT use anything that doesn’t provide our phones with all the mobile protection and virus fighters we need.…and Don’t Forget the benefits. We all need to take care of our phones just like we would our own personal health. DON’T NEGLECT EITHER! See what you can do for yourself.

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