We Don’t Realize The Importance Of A Clean Cell Phone

We Don’t Realize The Importance Of A Clean Cell Phone.

This Is Where A Cell Phones Disinfectant Device Come In Handy


Let’s just sit down a minute and think about this. Using are phones on a daily basis is something we just do. Personal & business! Without are phones we are lost. Think about the many times you’ve left the house and forgot your phone. What’s the first thing you do? You go back to get it; no matter how far out you’ve gone. Our cell phones has become part of our lives.

With the constant use of our cells out with us in public, it becomes a magnet for the germ, virus-filled worldly elements which settles on our devices. In our society today, germs run amok. We must protect ourselves along with our phones. Think about the health and safety of our families. You bring germs and bacteria into your home and pass it on to everyone else in the home.

This Is A Concern


Think about it. You have a little toddler in the house, and you know how little babies They would get a hold of your phone if it’s in reaching distance, grab it and start playing with it. Even putting it in their little mouths. Now you know your phone is full of bacteria and germs because you didn’t clean it.

Meaning to clean it off earlier, but forgot! Laying it on the table and getting distracted is not a good thing. You start doing something else and your little daughter or son got a hold of it. Or it could’ve been your little cousin, niece or nephew. They start playing with your phone; even putting it in their mouths. This is one of the biggest problems regarding your cell. You try to stay in the habit of cleaning your phone on a daily bases, but you’re only human. Sometime you forget!

When you do clean your phone, you always use some type of liquid solution that could do more harmful damage to your phone than good. Liquids could seep down through the seams on the edges of your phone, and over time damage the glass covering and other inside working mechanisms in your phone.

Our phones also get very dirty when we sometime pass them back & forth among friends and sometime even strangers when we ask; “Excuse me! Can you take a quick picture of us in front of the monkey cage?” Or lion’s den just where ever the person can get a good shot.


The Proper Cleaning Device Should Be Used


There’s always a better way of doing things. A safer more effective way to clean your phone. Smartphone disinfectant cleaners with safe UV lighting is the ‘New Wave.’ The most thorough and complete way to clean your smartphone. My friend and I would sit and compare the times of now, in our society and what they were in 1965. We never experienced anything like this in our lifetime (I think most people haven’t).

Now that I’m older and really think about it, the only thing we would worry about as young men growing up in the housing project is getting beat up by the neighborhood thugs (And don’t tell me you never had those.) I think every neighborhood had their own group. Some groups more thuggish than others. But believe it or not, we knew them all (But they’d still wanna kick me and my friends asses ‘just for the fun of it’).

But really, if I had a choice, I’d rather take an ass whipping now and then, than to deal with a global pandemic. No one wants to talk to one another during these crises. (This was some serious stuff.) This is why I mentioned about how easily your phones can pickup bacteria, which you bring into your homes.

A large environment setting which caters to large amounts of people: restaurants, bars, shopping malls, grocery stores just to name a few, heightens are chances of our smart phones picking up a lot of crap that could be damaging to our health.


Selecting The Right One


The main purpose of these units is to destroy bacteria, germs & viruses Not Only on just your phone, but on ALL daily used items such as: jewelry, coins, watches, small baby items, keys, sunglasses, etc; These are common commercial things that can also pickup all types of unhealthy stuff accumulating on our phones. Anything that’s of the appropriate size, small enough to fit inside the container, then it should be sterilized. You would definitely want one with UV lighting made into case.

All the cleaning units I post have UV lighting and this will not damage your phone, as some people may fear. This is totally safe for use, When these devices were manufactured, they were 100% Safe and Reliable. These sanitizing boxes carries a light that removes up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes. Our sanitizer is CE/FCC/ROHS certified and completely safe.

The U V cleaner has been scientifically verified and tested by an independent third-party laboratory. All carry the manufacturers warranty. I know a good sound warranty is great for consumers that is why we want to make sure that they risk nothing. (If somethings not right, your sanitizer will be replaced! Guaranteed! Your local stores do not carry these items. They are unique and can only be purchased online.

When I reflect back on what’s happening today in regards to our society going through recovery mode, viruses and germs still fill the air. They’ll always be around. It’s up to us, as a society, to protect ourselves, our families, our friends through whatever means possible.

This is why a mobile cleaner/sanitizer is the way to keep all our items clean and ‘germ-free.’ Our health and those of our family is Soooo Important. Thank God that vaccines are now ‘rolling out’ and we don’t have to worry about getting sick or dying! This is something that should concern everyone. Now lets keep our mobile devices safe!